Podcast 125 Audit Trends What to Expect From Oracle in 2023

In this podcast AJ Witt from ITAM Review discusses the results of a survey on Audit Trends with Michael Corey & Dean Bolton from LicenseFortress. They also provide an overview of what to expect from Oracle in 2023 and how IT Asset Managers should respond (note this was recorded prior to Oracle’s recent announcement to switch Oracle Java to employee licensing).


Key findings from the report include that there is no evidence that audit activity is decreasing, even with the shift to cloud. In fact, 38% of respondents indicated that moving workloads to cloud has increased compliance concerns. Furthermore, there is a clear trend that audits are being targeted on SMEs – specifically organizations with between 250 & 1,000 employees. 83% of companies of that size reported having been audited in the past three years. 

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