Provigil Drug of Choice for Silicon Valley Startup Execs

On TechCrunch I saw an interesting article titled ?How Many Silicon Valley Startup Executives Are Hopped Up on Provigil?? by Michael Arrington. Here is an excerpt from the article?

?IS someone you work with taking Provigil to give them an extra competitive edge? I?ve spoken with one executive who says he uses it regularly to work twenty hour days, and the buzz lately is that it?s the ?entrepreneur?s drug of choice? around Silicon Valley. Over the last week two separate entrepreneurs have mentioned it casually in conversation, and one said he tried it once and loved it.

Provigil (aka Modafinil) is marketed by Cephalon in the United States and is available by prescription only. It?s only approved use in the U.S. is to treat narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder. But since the main effect of Provigil is to keep you awake and able to concentrate, a lot of people who get their hands on it use it to be able to work longer hours, even though it has not been deemed safe for that kind of use.?

Its amazing what people will do to get an edge. Look at the wide spread use of steroids in sports. Yet when you learn about the side effects, you wonder why people are willing to take them in the first place. Yet in many ways we live in a “NOW” world. What will it do for me now, the heck with worrying about tomorrow?  

The Article has another great line towards the end. ?Perhaps some enterprising venture capitalist will start requiring founders of their companies to get a prescription in order to close on an investment.?

There is a claim there are few side effects. Give it a break.  If you run your body long and hard without sleep there will be a long term effect. There just is no study to prove it right now.

So for now I guess Caffeine is no longer the choice for Silicon Valley Startup Executives. The company of the future will have PEZ dispensers with Provigil, instead of cappuccino machines. Well its 12:18 pm time for another cup of coffee.

If you would like to read the entire article?.


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