Say Goodbye To The “Average” Customer

I saw aninteresting Blog titled “Say Goodbye To The Average Customer” by AmyRosenfield. It talks about how the Internet is changing how we fundamentally market to our customers.

In traditional marketing it was mile-wide and inch-deep; in today?s Internet worldwe have Micro-segmentation, which in a sense is inch-wide and mile deep. A lot of the comments that Amy made resonated with we really well. To reach the article ?



The blog had lot?s of other items that I found of interest.




I do feel that blogging has changed how we communicate with our customers.I enjoy it when people post comments on my Blog. The very first comment I received was a client telling the world how much they liked Ntirety’s service. I feel it is changing the relationship we have with our customers for the better. I found this site quite useful, I hope you do

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