SQL Injection Attack Oracle LINUX Database

Every Major Database vendor is making an attempt to plug security holes. This is a real problem for the industry, putting everyone at risk. Don?t think this can happen to you, think again!. My 20 year old son went to buy his first car, and we learned that his identify was stolen.  On January 30th, 2008 I wrote a blog entry titled Identity Theft Hits Home ? Lessons Learned. Click here to see that Blog entry….

Identity Theft Hits Home – Lessons Learned

The data in these databases is at risk and its important we take adequate measure to protect ourselves.

This video is based upon a true story or an Oracle Linux database being hacked through a SQL Injection Attack. It?s a step by step demonstration. It?s a must watch item for every DBA.

SQL Injection Attack Video Oracle Linux database

At Ntirety we recently launched a new service for our clients. Where we do full security audits focused on just the database. For many of our clients this is a must have item. In today?s world, I don?t care how big or small your company is. If you have a database that stores information about clients or your business, it?s important you protect it. Or it could be you who finds out there Identity has been stolen.



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