SQL Server 2008 Shipment Delayed Until Q3

To Quote the Eweek.com article by Brian Prince

?While Microsoft will roll out its SQL Server 2008 at a long planned launch event this month, the actual shipment of the database software has been delayed until the third quarter of this year.?

It goes on to say that Microsoft officials have not offered a specific reason behind the postponement.

I can give you the reason, it wont be ready. How many times has another big database vendor (who shall remain nameless, but we all know who I am talking about) released software long before it was ready? This is the database we are talking about, it has to be right or it could put people out of business. I am glad they are stepping up to the plate and delaying shipment, if it?s not ready.

I am sure the folks at Oracle Corporation are really happy to hear this. They should be worried when you look at the package and pricing of SQL server it?s a very compelling story. Half Ntirety?s customers today run SQL Server in a number of mission critical situations. SQL Server works great and the current version is battle ready. When SQL Server 2008 does come out, watch out Oracle. It will give you one heck of a run for your money. You got lucky this quarter. But in Q3, you may have your hands full justify the higher price tag.

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