SQL SERVER 2014 Database Licensing, get the facts


License FUD, Both Oracle & Microsoft have it

Last October I wrote an article on Oracle database licensing, my intent was to poke fun at what I think of as Oracle Galaxy licensing. On the Oracle side there is a lot of FUD concerning licensing and also a rather aggressive stance by the vendor. To me the primary point of an Oracle Audit is to generate revenue.

On the SQL Server side there is also a lot of FUD surrounding database licensing. There is a good reason companies exist to help you navigate the Database Licensing maze.


On the MVP email list today, a question was posed on SQL Server 2014 licensing. Mr Denny a fellow SQL Server MVP of Denny Cherry & Associates consulting sent all the Microsoft SQL Server MVP’s a link to a SQL Server 2014 licensing Datasheet.

For any one who has Microsoft SQL Server 2014 license questions, this is a great resource.

SQL Server 2014 Licensing Datasheet

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