The global MSP profession continues to grow and evolve. We will call this the “MSPVerse”. This MSPVerse is a complex and vital ecosystem of MSPs, vendors, and customers, all of whom interact with one another.

The next 12-24 months will be important for MSPs as they navigate regulations, cyber threats, non-compliant customers, and a third-party partners. This session will send you back to your MSP practices armed with relevant and important information to keep your MSP business laser focused on success.

Advisory Boards – The MSP Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon. This presentation will provide a road map for small to medium businesses looking to assemble a panel of advisors to improve their revenue performance.

At MSPWorld Dirty Little Secrets of the Cloud will be presented. We will discuss the state of the cloud today, Lessons learned from the early adopters and what you should know so you can successfully deploy into the cloud.

At MSPWorld we will have a panel on Practice Safe MSP. Subpoenas, Congressional hearings, FBI Investigations. What ARE your legal duties as an MSP? What are your rights?! Are you customers opening you up to legal liability?