Tesla Powerwall, Hosting Unified Cloud, Ntirety DBaaS…

Tesla Powerwall, HOSTING Unified Cloud, Ntirety DBaaS…

Tesla Hosting Ntirety GreyTesla Powerwall

I recently came across a video about Tesla new Powerwall product. This Tesla Home Battery will be available this summer for delivery. You can actually reserve one now for your home by clicking here. Powerwall is a home battery that is charged using electricity generated from solar panels. Another really nice feature is it will also charge itself when utility rates are really low. Somebody was really thinking the problem through to have the unit recharge itself when utility rates are low is simply brilliant.

Tesla Powershell

The Tesla web page goes on to say how the Tesla Powerwall fortifies your home against power outages by providing a backup electricity supply. Automated, compact and simple to install. Powerwall offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup.

Tesla Motors is a company I have admired for a long time. They are taking a path that is different from other companies. A path not well traveled. It’s easy for a company to follow, to have the courage to blaze the trail is hard. When I founded Ntirety to offer Database Administration As A Service? we were the only company offering a DBA Service with a Database Appliance which still call Ntrust? 15 years later. HOSTING is now offering a Unified Cloud, I know of no other company with a cloud infrastructure product like it. I know first hand what courage it takes to be an innovator, I commend Tesla and Hosting for willing to see the world differently than others, and follow their dream.

Who would have expected Tesla Motors founded in 2003 to enter the home market with a Tesla Powerwall 12 years later. Great innovation comes in many sizes and shapes.

1st Generation iPod

1st Generation IpodAs I stated innovation comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes innovation is as simple as taking everyday parts available on the market and putting them together in way others did not think about. The iPod is great example of that. No one had a real use for a tiny disk drive(Height?0.2″ (5.0mm), Width?2.13″ (54.0mm), Depth?3.09″ (78.5mm)) weighing under 2 ounces that had a disk platter the size of a quarter with very limited capacity (5BG). Yet the visionaries at Apple took some common technology and the iPod was created. Apple then went on to create iPod and coupled it with iTunes Music Store and changed how we listen and purchase music forever. Today the iTunes Music store is a lot more than just Music.

Apple iTunes

To quote Wikipedia on iTunes Store? “The iTunes Store, originally the iTunes Music Store, is a software-based online digital media store operated by Apple Inc. It opened on April 28, 2003, and has been the largest music vendor in the United States since April 2008, and the largest music vendor in the world since February 2010. It offers over 37 million songs, 700,000 apps, 190,000 TV episodes and 45,000 films as of September 12, 2012. The iTunes Store’s revenues in the first quarter of 2011 totaled nearly US$1.4 billion;by February 6, 2013, the store had sold 25 billion songs worldwide.”.


Another great example of innovation of common hardware coupled with specialized software is Pure Storage. When I was at the first VMware Elite SQL Server Database Virtualization Workshop? Scott Dietzen the CEO of PureStorage came to speak with the group. Scott stressed they are a software company first and foremost. Hosting is now an innovator with the HOSTING Unified Cloud offering.

HOSTING Unified Cloud

Hosting recognized early on that Infrastructure is a commodity. At the HOSTING Customer Summit Recently held in Denver, Colorado one of the speakers was quoted as saying “AWS is bigger than the next 4 cloud infrastructure providers in total“. We all know the first-hand dangers when one vendor has a such a monopoly on an industry. Well the Unified Cloud is your best defense against vendor lock-in. Even though Cloud Infrastructure is a commodity,? if one vendor dominates the market like AWS does today you are putting your business at risk. The combination of Vendor Lock-In and sole sourcing are not in any business long term best interest.

AWS Outage Takes Out Netflix, Experian, Yelp

AWS Cloud Goes Down

A recent blog post I wrote AWS Outage Takes Out Netflix, Experian, Yelp talked about how these major companies were affected by the AWS outage. They learned first hand the dangers of having an entire cloud infrastructure on one platform. When a single commodity vendor dominates a market place the way Amazon Web Services does being bigger than their 4 largest competitors in total, do you really expect AWS to behave like a commodity long term?. Do they really offer commodity pricing? A Monopoly will act like a Monopoly because it can.

What is the HOSTING Unified Cloud

A HOSTING Unified Cloud integrates private and public-cloud deployments, providing users with a centralized way to manage it all. This means today that HOSTING Customer can look at a given workload, put it on the right platform, at the right time? and all in a safe secure manner. They might have some workloads on Amazon AWS, other workloads on Microsoft Azure and other workloads on a private cloud. They put the pieces of the infrastructure puzzle together the way that best support their organization in the most efficient manner with one throat to choke and one place to manage it all.

Unified CloudTo use a term that Andy Schroepfer used at the Hosting Customer Summit Hosting has become the Priceline of the Unified Cloud. Just as priceline gives you choice, so does Hosting. With a Unified Cloud approach from Hosting, you have leverage and control, giving you your best defense against vendor lock-in and sole sourcing.

Many Advantages of Hosting Unified Cloud

The HOSTING Unified Cloud Offers Many Advantages:

  • Cloud monitoring, security and support ? Organizations that move to AWS or Azure get power, cooling and physical hardware maintenance ? period. They must architect, deploy, monitor and manage their cloud environments on their own.
  • Cloud security and compliance ? Neither AWS nor Azure provides security or compliance services. Organizations that adhere to compliance regulations as prescribed by HIPAA, PCI and SOX are burdened with building and maintaining compliant cloud hosting environments.
  • High Availability ? The AWS and Azure platforms work well for testing and development workloads. However, they are the most expensive platforms on which to run production environments. And without applications written specifically for AWS and Azure, organizations must deal with frequent outages.

Click here for THE DEFINING PAPER FOR THE UNIFIED CLOUD MARKETPLACE.? The right workload on the right cloud infrastructure at the right time. With one place to manage it all.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Ntirety was approached by Microsoft to help develop a true Database as a Service offering. Microsoft recognized that the combination of Ntirety database expertise (Microsoft SQL Server) coupled with HOSTING Cloud Infrastructure expertise uniquely positioned? Ntirety/HOSTING to develop a next generation Database as a Service.

On January 21, 2015? to quote Sean Bruton Vice President of Product at HOSTING. “Hosting was the first U.S. partner to collaborate with Microsoft to develop a multi-tenant managed cloud on the Cloud OS Network (COSN)Click Here to read the January 21, 2015 HOSTING press released titled “HOSTING LAUNCHES PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CLOUD SERVICES BUILT ON MICROSOFT CLOUD PLATFORM”.

Working closely with Microsoft, HOSTING and it?s database services division Ntirety combined resources to develop a next generation DBaaS offering which leverages the strengths of each: Ntirety?s deep database experience in conjunction with HOSTING?s mission to serve midsize enterprises running mission-critical applications in the Cloud and support them with the industry?s best team. This HOSTING/Ntirety combination and the resultant DBaaS offering allows customers to offload the burden of maintaining the complex underlying technical computing infrastructure layers so companies can focus on strategy and revenue generating projects.

There are four options for the provisioning of DBaaS based on Private vs. Public Cloud and a Database/VM approach vs. a multi-tenant approach:

Hosting Ntirety DBaasToday at through HOSTING or Ntirety you can order a Database as a Service that meets your company’s needs. Ntirety/HOSTING Database as a Service can be in a private cloud, it can be in public cloud, it can be a stand alone instance, or it can be a multi-tenant database instance that is fully secure but enables you to leverage the price advantages of sharing the database infrastructure. You can take a workload running in Microsoft Azure and move it to a HOSTING private cloud or take a private cloud workload and move it to Microsoft Azure. It can be a Multi-tenant database instance, or it can be a Stand Alone Instance. The point is, the Right Workload, at the Right Time on the Right infrastructure, at the Right Price fully secure with one throat to choke and a common way to manage it all.

TESLA, HOSTING, Ntirety Innovators Changing the World Today

As I stated innovation comes in many shapes and sizes. Tesla is changing the way we think about the Home and the car we drive. HOSTING through the Unified Cloud is changing the way we will purchase and Manage Cloud Infrastructure and Ntirety is taking Database as a Service to new levels. What we all share in common

We (Tesla, HOSTING, Ntirety) are taking a path that is different from other companies. A path not well traveled. It’s easy for a company to follow, we have the courage to blaze the trail which is hard.

Tesla Hosting Ntirety

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