The Economy Is Not All Bad – Dunkin Donuts Proves It

I want to share with you my story. It?s a story that shows even this bad economy had a good side.
It all started at 9:00 am this morning. I left for my normal commute to work. Yes I left for work at 9:00 am. If you think to yourself how can you start your day so late? Well you have never commuted on the highways of Massachusetts. Don?t get me wrong Boston is an awesome city. It has it all. But it also has lots of traffic. So you either go in early or you go in late. Or you decide you will sit in the traffic.


Well I start my day with one of two morning rituals.

Ritual 1. Drive to Atlantic Bagel. 

Atlantic Bagel is on 282 Main Street Hingham. To quote a write-up on Atlantic Bagel I once saw:
 ?Every week, the group I work in designates one person to bring in bagels. well, the first time my boss brought in bagels, he got them at Atlantic Bagel Company. Hands down, the best bagels I have eaten north of NYC. They are everything that a bagel should be.?
Yes they are that good. But to get there I have to drive a little out of my way.
My other choice:

Ritual 2. Drive to Dunkin Donuts.

When you live in New England Dunkin Donuts is all around you. Its never out of the way. In fact when I leave my house I am 3 minutes away from 3 Dunkin Donuts. 

For those of you who are Star Bucks fans. I have to say this.

I don?t want to learn another language to order by morning coffee.

I don?t want to mortgage my house to pay for it.

I don?t want to grow old waiting for it.

I think you get the point. I am a Dunkin Donuts Junkie. Without my Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee in the morning, I am a very cranky man.

So this story is about Ritual 2. What happened to me today at Dunkin Donuts. Then how it?s a silver lining about out economy. 

I went to my Local Dunkin Donuts ordered my coffee and one Donut. They always ask me if I want 2 donuts for the special. I always say no thank you. Today when the woman handed my change back from the order.  I thought it was wrong.  So I asked did you forget my donut? That is what happens when I get a lot of change back typically. She told me no. I asked why so much money back? Oh we just dropped the price of the donuts.

Think about it. Gas is cheaper; my morning ritual of coffee and a single donut is cheaper. These are all silver linings. Prices will get more affordable. Things will get better.  This Dunkin Donuts Junkie has just found a second item he consumes getting cheaper.  I had to share that with you.Happy Days are here again!








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