Top 10 Application Design Mistakes

I just came upon an article that I wish I had thought of. It was titled ?Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes?. Jakob Nielsens wrote it. When you look at Jakob Nielsen he is a pretty interesting person.  He attempts to 

write a general article about application design mistakes. As I read the article quite a bit of it resonated with me and I thought it well worth reading, so I thought I would share it with you.

Here are a few paragraphs out of the article.

“It?s hard to write a general article about applicationdesign mistakes because the very worst mistakes are domain-specific andidiosyncratic. Usually, applications fail because they (a) solve the wrongproblem, (b) have the wrong features for the right problem, or (c) make the right features too complicated for users to understand.

Any of these three mistakes will doom your app, and yet I still can’t tell you what to do. What’s the right problem? What are the right features? What complicating curlicues can safely be cut from those features? For each domain and user category, these questions have specific and very different answers.


The only generalizable advice is this: rather than rely on your own best guesses, base your decisions on user research:


    *Conduct field studies and task analysis before deciding what your app shoulddo.

    *Paper prototype your initial ideas before doing any detailed design ? and definitely before wasting resources implementing something you’d have to changeas soon as you get user feedback.

    *Design iteratively, conducting many rounds of quick user testing as you refine your features.?

Click here to be taken to Top-10 Application-Design Mistakesby Jakob Nielsen?s 

I felt this article a good read and full of common sense all application developers could all benefit from.

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