Top 10 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentations

Top 10 VMworld 2015 Business Critical Application Presentations

Top Ten Dave Letterman VMworld

This list is intended for anyone who is trying to virtualize the most demanding business critical applications like a Microsoft SQL Server database or Oracle database. These are the session I feel will provide the information you need to be successful. Having attended a number of VMworlds, I also took in to account the speaker ability to present technology in a meaningful way.

#10 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

STO4544 – Using Virtual SAN to Maximize Database Performance

Tuesday, Sep 1, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Rawlinson Rivera and Thomas Larock are two very entertaining presenters. They are able to infuse humor into very technical presentations. You will enjoy the session and learn a lot on the way.

This session will outline the Virtual SAN architecture, giving attendees an understanding of how VSAN works under the hood. The focus will be on VSAN performance and recovery, as both are critical items for any database workload. With a focus on SQL Server we will examine some performance benchmarks and review best practices for configuring SQL Server and VSAN.for configuring SQL Server and VSAN.

Rawlinson Rivera?Principle Architect , VMware, Inc

Thomas Larock Head Geek , SolarWinds

?#9 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

CTO6453 – The Future of Software-Defined Storage – What does it look like in 3 years time?

Wednesday, Sep 2, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Futures & Trends for Hardware and Next gen distributed services” – Insight into the new storage server hardware architectures: shared NVMe/PCIe rack scale, flash densities, relevance of magnetic storage – Current and emerging storage protocols for rack and network fabrics. – Modern distributed data services: Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo, CEPH, etc.. challenges/opportunities with deploying those in SDS environments.

Richard McDougall?Principal Engineer , VMware

?#8 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

SDDC4593 – Ask the Expert vBloggers

Wednesday, Sep 2, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Back for it’s 8th year at VMworld, Ask the Experts is back with an awesome panel of the industries top bloggers. In this session there are no powerpoints, no sales pitches and no rules! Experts in the industry are here to answer the audiences questions while having some fun in the process. Bring your topic, anything from Software-Defined Data Center, End-User Computing to Hybrid Cloud… Storage, Networking, Security. No questions are off limits.

Duncan Epping Chief Technologist , VMware

Rick Scherer Field CTO , EMC

Scott Lowe Engineering Architect , VMware

Chad Sakac President, Global Systems Engineering , EMC

?#7 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP4634 – Harnessing the Power of Storage Virtualization and Site Recovery Manager to Provide HA and DR Capabilities to Business Critical Databases

Thursday, Sep 3, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

How do you simplify and improve availability of your Extended distance Oracle Real Application Cluster using vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) ? Storage Virtualization, both host based and appliance based, can pave the way for increased ease of configuration and improved availability of your cluster based applications. vMSC featues including vMotion, HA, DRS and FT as well as extended distance Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) are greatly simplified, and in some cases, made possible through the use of storage virtualization technologies such as EMC VPLEX, Netapp Metro Cluster, IBM SVC, HP 3PAR Peer Persistence or Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disk groups. Site Recovery Manager with Oracle Data Guard can provide the much needed Disaster Recovery component thereby providing a complete HA and DR solution to Business Critical Databases See where and how virtualized storage provided by VPLEX and ASM are most effectively used to help protect your business critical applications virtualized on vSphere. See how one Global 1000 company used storage virtualization to achieve 0 second RPO and 5 second RTO.

Marlin McNeil?, Yucca Group

Sudhir Balasubramanian?Senior Solution Architect – Data Platforms , VMware

#6 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP6437-GD – Business Critical Applications and Virtualized Infrastructure, a Match Made in Palo Alto

Wednesday, Sep 2, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Mohan Potheri?Sr. Solutions Architect, Technical Marketing , VMWARE

Deji Akomolfe?Staff Solutions Architect , VMware

Sudhir Balasubramanian?Senior Solution Architect – Data Platforms , VMware

Vas Mitra?SAP Solutions Architect , VMware

#5 VMworld 2015 Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP4786 – SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Thursday, Sep 3, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

This is Denny’s first VMworld presentation. Denny is a mainstay at SQL Server event. Denny is a SQL Server MVP, Excellent speaker and speaks his mind. You will walk away learning a few things.

In this session we will look at options which are available to the administrator of a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database server so that the system can provide the 99.99% or higher uptime which customers demand. These options will include Failover Cluster Instances, as well as AlwaysOn Availability Groups within a single site, stretching across multiple sites, as well as stretching into the Windows Azure public cloud. We’ll learn when we want to use each technique, how to decide which option to implement, and how to implement these solutions.

Denny Cherry Principal Consultant , Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

#4 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP6023 – Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere

Wednesday, Sep 2, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Oracle and SQL Server databases are licensed very differently than other applications with many options from which to choose depending on requirements for features, mobility needs, virtualization/consolidation targets, and usage of third-party cloud resources. This breakout session will help you understand the options available to license Oracle and SQL Server database virtual machines. Learn to maximize your database licensing investment while maintaining mobility and minimizing risks of an audit.

Scott Salyer?Director, Enterprise Application Architecture , VMware

Don Sullivan?Product Line Marketing Manager for Business Critical Applications , Vmware

?#3 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP4696 – Will it Blend and Scale? Monster Database Virtualization Techniques

Tuesday, September 1, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

David Klee is very well known in the Microsoft community, he was virtualizing databases before people thought you could. David is a SQL Server MVP and a VMware vExpert. Thomas Larock is very well known in the SQL Server community. A Microsoft MVP?, a VMware vExpert and a very entertaining speaker. This is sure to be a solid presentation.

Business-critical database platforms like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are amongst the last holdouts to enterprise virtualization. Compelling reasons exist to virtualize these resource hogs, but is your VMware environment ready to accommodate them? Are your DBAs ready to let them go? Successful virtualization of these platforms requires a different approach to virtualization that other VMs do not need. The speakers will share their years of experience in virtualizing these large platforms so that you know how to prepare and validate your VMware environment for these systems. Key performance and architectural tips and tricks will be demonstrated so you can maintain the database performance that your business depends on. Finally, scalability concerns will be addressed through discussions on scaling an individual database VM up, and outwards scaling as you virtualize all of your database platforms. Key talking points will be presented so you can not only perfect the database virtualization from a technical level, but also from an organizational and people level by knowing how to convince the DBA that the time to virtualize all the databases is now.

Thomas Larock Head Geek , SolarWinds

David Klee, Herafux

#2 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP5598 – Advanced SQL Server on vSphere

Thursday, Sep 3, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Scott and Wanda really know their stuff. You will not be disappointed.

?Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely deployed ?apps? in the market today and is used as the database layer for a myriad of applications, ranging from departmental content repositories to large enterprise OLTP systems. Typical SQL Server workloads are somewhat trivial to virtualize; however, business critical SQL Servers require careful planning to satisfy performance, high availability, and disaster recovery requirements. It is the design of these business critical databases that will be the focus of this breakout session. You will learn how build high-performance SQL Server virtual machines through proper resource allocation, database file management, and use of all-flash storage like XtremIO. You will also learn how to protect these critical systems using a combination of SQL Server and vSphere high availability features. For example, did you know you can vMotion shared-disk Windows Failover Cluster nodes? You can in vSphere 6! Finally, you will learn techniques for rapid deployment, backup, and recovery of SQL Server virtual machines using an all-flash array.

Scott Salyer?Director, Enterprise Application Architecture, VMware

Wanda HE Principal Solutions Architect , EMC

?#1 VMworld Business Critical Application Presentation

VAPP5129 – Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6.0

Monday August 31, 2015 1:30-2:30

Wednesday September 2, 2015 10:00-11:00

This was a Top Presentation at VMworld 2014. For a Database centric Presentation to make it to the Top is quite an accomplishment.? As co-presenters Jeff and I have great chemistry on stage. We go over a lot of material very quickly and make it a lot of fun along the way. This is not to be missed. It usually fills up very quickly. The Monday Session has filled up. A Wednesday morning session slot has been made available. If the past few years is any indicator, this will also fill up. So I suggest if you are interested in the topic, sign up fast.

This presentation is the sequel to a top 10 presentation Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right given at VMworld last year in Barcelona and the US. . In this presentation we will teach you how to properly virtualize any business critical application with specifics on databases and VMware newest release vSphere 6.0. A database is a very resource intensive by its very nature and one of the most resource intensive applications you will ever virtualize. If it is not done correctly you will not be successful. This presentation will teach you how to do it right. We will discuss why you virtualize a database, using the right hypervisor, installation, Architecting for performance, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer. Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, Network details to how to avoid common mistakes, changes made in vSphere 6.0.

Michael Corey, Founder & President Ntirety – a Division of Hosting

Jeff Szastak, Manager, Systems Engineering – Select Accounts at VMware, VMware


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Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware Doing IT RIght

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