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As a technologist at heart it never ceases to amaze how technology is used and applied. Think about Apple. They recognize early on that the PC is no longer just a business tool. As a company they were looking for ways to take advantage of that shift. Even though they had gotten burned by previous attempts into consumer products (Pippin, Newton) they decided to take another pass at the consumer. They decide to build the first iPod.

At the heart of the IPod was a 5 GB Toshiba hard drives that were the size of a quarter. Toshiba had created these drives but up till this point had no practical application for these tiny drives. These small drives are another great example of how technology is used and applied in ways we never thought.

On October 23, 2001 apple made the announcement of the IPod, an immediate overnight success. In July 2004, apple released a 20 GB IPod that was also compatible with a Windows based machine. Today the IPod is so much more that a device that plays music.

Well who would have ever thought Twitter would take off the way it has. That 140-character message would change how we think about communication. Every day people are finding new ways to use Twitter. Here is an article that recently appeared on

Police to alert public with Twitter dispatches

By Andrew Ryan Globe Staff / March 12, 2009

A crime-blotter blog. E-mail alerts. Anonymous tips via text message.

Now comes the next high-tech weapon for the Boston Police Department: A sergeant in the emergency dispatch center has been experimenting with Twitter, the micro-blogging tool that facilitates group conversations in 140-character bulletins to subscribers via computers and cellphones.

The updates can be found on twitter at @Boston_Police.

One goal is to interact in real time with the public during festivals and large-scale events about bottlenecks, closed roads, and crowd-related problems. For example, officers could warn their Twitter followers about an intersection to avoid because of an accident. A member of the public could respond, in a few keystrokes, that the suggested detour is also bumper to bumper, warning other users to try another route.

The first significant trial will come Sunday when thousands of revelers inundate South Boston for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


“Primarily we are going to send out information, with no expectations” that the public will respond with feedback, said Deputy Superintendent John Daley. “The idea is to just get a sense of whether or not it has value.”

To read the entire article…

Police to alert public with Twitter dispatches

As I did a little more research here are some other police departments that are finding value with Twitter:







For those of you who dont get Twitter. Give it a try. Its very easy and very addicting. Its also a very useful tool. If you enjoyed this article, you should read this one…

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