Twitter or not to Twitter that is the question

I had lunch the other day with a friend of mine Catherine Weber. I met Catherine a few years ago when we both were speaking at a class Managing A Growing Business taught by Dr. Ed Marram at Babson College.  For close to 10 years of more I have been a guest speaker at Babson College.  Catherine is an interesting person in that she lives, eats, and sleeps Internet marketing.  Over the years when we meet I always like to get Catherine thoughts on what works and what does not work. How can my company use Social marketing appropriatly. 


As a side note her company Weber Media Partners   has done some really wonderful things by way of Marketing and the Internet.  Weber Media Partners is one of the few firms I have met that really seem to understand how to leverage the Internet in your marketing strategy and understand how social media plays into it all.

So at our latest luch meeting we talked about Twitter. In June of 2008 I set up my twitter account but never used it. I just did not get it. As I talked with Catherine it started to make sense to me. Catherine Twtter account is Catherieweber. Catherineweber My twitter account is Michael_Corey Michael_Corey

On January 15th, 2009 a plane crashed on the Hudson. To Quote the associated press “NEW YORK ? A US Airways pilot ditched his disabled jetliner into the frigid Hudson River on Thursday afternoon after a collision with a flock of birds apparently knocked out both engin0es, but officials said rescuers safely pulled all 155 people on board into boats as the plane sank. Gov. David Paterson pronounced it “a miracle on the Hudson.”

That even showed up on twitter immediatly. There was a long delay before this made its way to google. That event alone demonstrates why a Twitter like service is here to stay. The combination of Cathernine and that event made me realize its time for me to actually use that twitter account I set up June 2008. Over 7 months ago. So as of last night I am now an active user of twtter. The quesstion for me is no longer “Twitter or not to Twitter that is the question.” The Answer is I am going twitter. Now I need to take the time to understand what the appropriate use of this technology is. Its a tool at my disposal, I can choose to use it or not. In my case I have made a decision to use it. if you are interested in what I have to say, then feel free to get a twitter account and follow me. If you know an interestng person we should consider following, then feel free to leave a comment here of the person twitter name and why it would be of Interest. 

Social Media sites are changing the world we live in. I am now an active member on facebook, DIgg & Now Twitter


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