Undersea Cables Cut Effects Internet Europe, Middle East And Asia

3 out of 4 Cables Cut !


The Gremlins are back.


Once again undersea cables have been cut. 3 out of 4 cables have been cut.  This will effect Internet and phones all though Europe, Middle East & Asia. If the 4th cable gets cut this could be a total blackout.  A total black out.
This has happened quite a few times before. Here are some blogs I did the last time this happened?.

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Fifth Undersea Cable Cut ! ! !

I found out about the latest problem through an article in the BBC NEWS…

Severed cable disrupts net access

Internet and phone communications between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have been seriously disrupted after submarine cables were severed.

It is thought the FLAG FEA, SMW4, and SMW3 lines, near the Alexandria cable station in Egypt, have all been cut.

A fault was also reported on the GO submarine cable 130km off Sicily.

Experts warned that it may be days before the fault is fixed and said the knock on effect could have serious repercussions on regional economies.

Jonathan Wright – director of wholesale products at Interoute which manages part of the optical fibre network – told the BBC that the effects of the break would be felt for many days.

“This will grind economies to a halt for a short space of time,” he said “If you look at, say, local financial markets who trade with European and US markets, the speed at which they get live data will be compromised.”

“If you think how quickly trades can be placed, if they are suffering from bad latency times, then by the time a trade is placed, the market may well have moved on.”

The cause of the break is as yet unknown, although some seismic activity was reported near Malta shortly before the cut was detected.

In a statement released in relation to one of the breaks, France Telecom said: “The causes of the cut, which is located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, on sections linking Sicily to Egypt, remain unclear.”

The French firm said it was sending a ship out to fix the line between Italy and Egypt, although it could take until 31 December to fully repair the line.

The main damage through is to the four submarine cables running across the Mediterranean and through the Suez Canal.

It is thought that 65% of traffic to India was down, while services to Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Taiwan and Pakistan have also been severely affected.

To read the Remainder of the article….

Severed cable disrupts net access


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