vCenter Inventory Script

vCenter Inventory Script

vCenter Inventory








As I said in my previous post, One of the really nice things about being a Microsoft Data Platform MVPs (Formally known as a SQL Server MVP) or VMware vExpert is the access to information.? Microsoft does this better than any other vendor I know. As a Data Center Platform MVP Microsoft is constantly pushing information out to me through seminars, conferences, emails and any other way you can think of. It?s really hard to take advantage of it all.? When you couple that with all the exposure to the other MVP?s through a closed email list, its an awesome combination. The vExpert program tries hard to do the same thing. A recent blast was loaded with useful scripts. I don?t have time right now to write about all of them. But here is one that stood out.

How to Get the vCenter Inventory Script

This is one of the scripts they highlighted today.

This is an introductory C# application that uses the VMware.VIM library to connect to a vCenter server and displays Windows VM’s, ESXi hosts, and Clusters.

Alternate Method – VMTurbo

When I posted this blog. One of the first comments made, was you could download VMTurbo(free) and use it to get an inventory. This was posted by Eric Horseman from VMTurbo. For those of you that do not know VMTurbo. VMTurbo is a solution that assures application performance for any workload running in any virtualized or cloud environment. I took a deep look at it about a year ago and was very impressed by the tool.

VMTurbo(free) see your inventory in 20 minutes.


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