VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition Cork Ireland

Excited to be participating in the next VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition being held in Cork Ireland the week of July 16th, 2017. During this week VMware partners with Pure Storage to bring in Oracle experts from Ireland to Russia for deep dive on VMware latest technology. Through a combination of classroom education and a heavy dose of hands-on-lab, these well-known Oracle experts will get to kick the tires on virtualizing the Oracle Database on VMware vSphere. To help you follow the event during the week we are using the hashtag #VMWORA as we share was it happening.

VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

Can?t wait to meet some old friends and make many new the friends at the VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition. This year?s inductees into the program in no particular order include:

Heli Helskyaha ?@HeliFromFinland , Carl Dudley, Johannes Ahrends, Jan Timmerman, Niki Christopher, ?Kirpichev Mikhail, Yann Allandit, Kamran Aghayev, Fritz Hooglan, Kirpichev Mikhail, Zahid Anwar

Martin Klier and Tim Hall @oraclebase


I am really looking forward to all the new material I learn on vSphere 6.5 during the week at the VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition that I can incorporate into my VMworld presentation ?Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5: Doing IT Right [VIRT1309BU]


Here is a video from the last VMware Experts Program Event Oracle that was held in Palo Alto, U.S.A.


The line-up?of speakers for this VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition is Cork Ireland?looks great. In addition?to well-known speakers from VMware Sudhir Balasubramanianand, ?Pure Storage?Somu Rajarathinam @purelyDB

We will have Additional speakers from Blue Medora, Brocade, ?VLSS (Makers of License Fortress), House of Brick?and others. Follow #VMWORA for more detail.


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