VMware Hands On Labs

VMware Hands on Labs

VMware Hands on Labs is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. These Hands on Labs are available for free. You can use the VMware Hands on Labs to fine tune your Virtualization skills or just to pick up new skills. These Labs are constantly being updated. Lets face it every organization I have ever worked for never seems to have a big enough training budget. Well this is a great way to stretch your training budget with training that adds real value. When I go to VMworld, there is always a huge line night and day to get access to these Hands on Labs. So what are you waiting for?


Check out the newest hands on lab VSAN 6.2.

VMware Hands on Labs





A number of the VMware Hands on Labs are offered in different languages. The VMware Hands on Labs are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Here is an example of a Hands on lab:

HOL-SDC-1604 vSphere Performance Optimization

This Lab, HOL-SDC-1604, covers vSphere performance best practices and various performance related features available in vSphere 6. You will work with a broad array of solutions and tools, including VMware Labs “Flings” and esxtop to gauge and diagnose performance in a vSphere Environment.

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