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Dreaming of a World With A Virtualized Phone

A few months ago I was talking with a friend, and we were discussing wouldn?t not be great if you could virtualize your cell phone and combine your home phone and your work phone into a single unit. As soon as you left work, you would spin up your home phone virtual image and shut down your work phone virtual image. Or better yet run both phone virtualization images at the same time.

Better yet, when you bought a new phone, you could just migrate the virtual images over to the new phone.? You could even bring it home and do it youself

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When your work phone broke, no big deal. you could just migrate the virtual images onto a new phones hypervisor.? Or migrate the virtual image onto your desktop computer for a while. Image what this could do to the price of hardware costs of a phone. When any telecom carrier virtual image could run on any other telecom carrier?s physical device. This could go a long way to driving down the cost of the physical devices.

I could image the hypervisor arguments happening all over again.? Where vendors use terms like our hypervisor is better because our phone uses Paravirtualization. Image the FUD (fear uncertainly doubt) phone vendors could bring to the marketplace. Many phone vendors remind me of bad used car salesman.

VMware and Verizon team up for mobile virtualization by Stacy Higginbotham

Well Michael Ansaldi www.Michaelansaldi.com ? sent me a great article by Stacey Higginbotham at


The Article is titled ?VMware and Verizon team up for mobile virtualization?.?? The article is well worth reading. Here is a sample ?VMware has signed deals with Verizon and Telefonica to offer its?mobile virtualization products?on phones provided by the operators. The net result of this deal is that employees who want tocombine their work phone and their personal phone?will soon be able to do so with the aid of the VMware Horizon software on their phones.

As is usual when dealing with mobile operators and corporate IT, some caveats apply. So far only Android devices will work with the Horizon hypervisor with VMware unable to offer the benefits of a hypervisor-enabled virtualization on Apple?s iOS devices including the iPad and iPhone for Verizon.

Well in my office we are always debating which phone is better. The Iphone of the Andriod. This may tip the scales in the favor of the Andriod.


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