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My excitement is building, in just 12 days I will be at VMworld in Las Vegas. As I tell the many DBA’s at Ntirety, it does not matter if you work with Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server virtualization is a DBA game changer. Its wide adoption already should make that obvious to the world. The many advantages from improved business continuity to plain saving a lot of money make it a no brainer. There are so many advantages to placing your mission critical applications and databases in a Virtualized infrastructure. So my excitement build, Lost Vegas or Bust.

Vegas and Trust








As I look at the conference, there is just so much happening. So many things to choose from. Its why we are sending quite a few people to the conference.

Here is a copy of the VMworld tracks at the writing of this blog…

VMWORLD 2011 Tracks

Cloud Application Platform

This track focuses on the VMware vFabric cloud application platform, an integrated platform to build,?run and scale modern applications for organizations looking for a platform that enables rapid delivery of?modern, data-intensive applications both on-premise or in the public cloud, and provides unparalled?efficiencies across the application lifecycle. This track covers solutions for Cloud Foundry, vFabric,?GemFire, SQLFire, tc Server, RabbitMQ, Hyperic; Spring Insight, and Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J).?(Sessions in the Cloud Application Platform Track will be held at The Venetian)

Cloud Infrastructure: Business Continuity

This track focuses on virtualization products and solutions for improving application service levels and overall availability of virtual infrastructure. Topics in this track include: Local Availability Solutions such as Fault Tolerance and High Availability, Disaster Recovery Solutions including Replication, Site Recovery
Manager, Metro Clustering and DR to the Cloud, as well as Data Protection Solutions. (Sessions in the Cloud Infrastructure: Business Continuity Track will be held at The Venetian)

Cloud Infrastructure: Management and Operation

This track focuses on infrastructure and operations of highly virtualized and enterprise cloud
environments for private, public and hybrid scenarios. Attendees will learn about building infrastructure as a service (IAAS) architectures, service catalog design considerations, metering and billing for IT services, ensuring performance SLAs, optimizing capacity, and automated workload management. Topics include best practices, technology deep-dives and customer success stories, spanning from hitech, healthcare and financial services to education and government entities around vCloud Director, vCenter Operations, and IT service management solutions. (Sessions in the Cloud Infrastructure: Management and Operations Track will be held at The Venetian)

Cloud Infrastructure: Security and Compliance

This track focuses on all things related to Virtualization and Security in the datacenter. Topics include hardening and protecting your virtual infrastructure, application and endpoint protection,
perimeter/edge protection & services, how to achieve compliance with virtualized deployments, and why virtualized datacenters can be seen as having ?better than physical? security. (Sessions in the Cloud Infrastructure: Security and Compliance Track will be held at The Venetian)

Cloud Infrastructure: Virtualizing Business Critical Application

This track focuses on performance and best practices for virtualizing Business Critical or Tier1
Applications. Topics include virtualizing Databases such as SQL and Oracle, Email & Collaboration suites such as Exchange and SharePoint, Java Middleware and Enterprise Applications such as SAP. (Sessions in the Cloud Infrastructure: Virtualizing Business Critical Applications Track will be held at The Venetian)

Cloud Infrastructure: vSphere

This track focuses on core components of the vSphere platform, such as networking, storage,
availability, etc. These sessions will typically focus on a single feature/technology/component and are not directly related to any of the broader solutions discussed in any of the other tracks. (Sessions in the Cloud Infrastructure: vSphere Track will be held at The Venetian)


End-User Computing

This track is designed to focus on solutions to go from PC centric to user centric computing. These sessions focus on business cases, technology deep dives, real world examples and best practices for both IT and business. Products covered in these sessions include View, ThinApp, Zimbra, Horizon, Fusion, Workstation and many others. (Sessions in the End-User Computing Track will be held at The Venetian)

Partner Track

This track, designed especially for VMware Partners with customized content is tailored to help partners grow their business, build expertise, and accelerate sales of VMware solutions. Sessions will focus on enabling partners to effectively identify requirements across their customer?s journey to IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), and to successfully sell and deploy VMware solutions. VMware experts will deliver best practices to help partners acquire new customers, expand business by cross-selling VMware solutions and services, and walk-away with proven go-to-market selling strategies. (Sessions in the Partner Track will be held at The Wynn)

Technology Exchange for Alliance Partner

Technology Exchange for Alliance Partners track focuses on the needs of ALL developers building and delivering solutions on VMware platforms. This track will provide valuable information on the APIs, tools and resources available to develop and delivery on VMware platforms in public or private clouds; cloud or hybrid environment; best practices for application development and delivery on VMware products delivered in the enterprise; VMware updated APIs and tools to build and integrate with VMware products; VMware product roadmaps for vSphere, vFabric, vCloud, End User Computing products and solutions; and new program benefits for Technology Alliance Partners. (Sessions in the Technology Exchange for Alliance Partners will be held at The Wynn)

Technology Partner/Sponsor

This track will showcase the latest technology and solutions from VMware?s technology partners. (Sessions in the Technology Partner/Sponsor Track will be held at The Venetian)


With so much happening, I feel like a kid in the candy store.


The more I look at what is here, the better it keeps getting. Did I mention the hand-on-labs.

Well 12 days, I plan to be there.

Vegas or BUST




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