VMworld 2012 – Why is this conference so special


VMworld 2012 ? Why is this event so special

Well I am sitting in San Francisco right now trying to gather my thoughts about VMworld 2012. It has been non-stop action since I have gotten here. The Hands-On-Labs are running till 10pm at night and people are in there every night. The best Technology conference I have attended in many years.? I make that statement for quite a few reasons.


Sense of Community


There is a sense of community at the VMworld conference that just does not exist anymore at other technology events. Perhaps that could be said of the open source community, but I am not an active part of the community and would not have first hand knowledge. It reminds of the early Oracle conferences I attended going back to ?Oracle Version 4 days, when we knew we were part of something special. I would go to the events and people like Bob Miner were attending the events. For those who don?t know who Bob Miner he was one of the founders of Oracle and in many ways the heart and soul of Oracle. He would be waiting in line with the rest of us thirsty for the knowledge that would be shared shortly.


As I attend VMworld I feel that same sense of being part of something special.? This is a technology that is changing the world for the better and its great to be a part of it. To use an Analogy I heard first from Don Sullivan?s at VMware.? When you use your cell phone, do you care what cell tower you are using. Do you even need to know as long as it works? Once you break the chains of the physical world you are now into a whole new world order as it pertains to technology. So this strong sense of community and being part of a technology that is changing the world, as we know is making this a very special event to be part of.


The VMworld community


Everyone I meet is approachable and ready to share information.? This strong sense of community has created a bond that has spread to everyone there. When I attend the events, I feel like I am in a room of like-minded souls.? When I attend the many talks, everyone is respectful of the other technologies that are out there. ?I have not seen a talk that pitted itself against Oracles hypervisor. The speakers alwasy take the high road and just talk the facts. It reminds me of the saying ?The Truth shall set you free?. They are comfortable with the fact that VMware?s technology stack and capabilities speak for themself. It refreshing, I feel like I am a technology event, not a marketing event designed to assimilate me into the proper way of thinking regardless of the facts. This honest way of thinking extends all the to the local user community known as VMUGS.


VMware ? The Company


I can honestly say I like the people at VMware. I like working with them. I like collaborating with them. Everyone I met is dedicated to helping make the customer successful.? Its not the Usual what can do you for me? What have you done for me lately approach? There is a sense of collaboration I have not seen anywhere else in the technology community. I joined a conversation where Don Sullivan was talking to Michael Matthies in support. Telling Don just tell the Oracle DBA?s call us no matter what the issue. Feel free to call us before they call Oracle support. There was this strong sense of commitment to help the customer. The customer comes first. It was so refreshing.? I don?t know any other Billion-dollar company where I can say I like everyone I have interacted with.


So as I attend VMworld 2012 I think to myself I am part of a technology that is changing the world. It feels great to be part of it.

Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety


My Personal Twitter Account:?Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account:?Ntirety

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