VMworld Monster VM’s Session 8290

VMworld Monster VM’s (Database Virtualization) Doing IT Right Session 8290

My Session 8290 VMworld Monster VM’s (Database Virtualization) Doing IT Right has officially been accepted by the 2016 VMworld Content Team. This session is based upon my 2015 ?VMworld Session VAPP5129?Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6? At VMworld I will be co–presenting with David Klee the founder & Chief Architect at Heraflux.

David and I have been friends for a number of years and have collaborated on a number of efforts including the VMWare Expert Database Workshop – SQL Server (2015) & VMware Expert Database Workshop – SQL Server (2014).

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To get a sense of these Expert Database Workshops check out the videos:

VMware Expert Database Workshop – Oracle Video

VMware Expert Database WorkShop – SQL Server Video

David Klee and I have helped put on numerous VMware Expert Database Workshops. At these workshops we come armed with lots of useful information to share with you. With VSphere 6 being the focus and Monster VM’s. This is sure to be a great session. David usually comes armed with lots of real world expertise and benchmarking he has performed on the different capabilities of vSphere as it directly pertains to Database Virtualization.

For the past 5 years, my Database Virtualization sessions have all sold out in the U.S. VMworld conference and the European VMworld conference. Even with adding a second session they still sell out. I would encourage you to sign up early for it. David is a wealth of knowledge and complements my speaking skills very nicely. We promise to educate, Entertain and have fun along the way.

So sign up early for…….

Session 8290 VMworld Monster VM’s (Database Virtualization) Doing IT Right

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