VTUG Summer Slammer – Virtualization Event of New England

VTUG - Virtualization Technology Users Group


VTUG Summer Slammer – Premier Virtualization Event of New England

Thursday July 16, 2015, Westbrook Maine

This group (VTUG – The Virtualization Users Group) has been around a very long time. They run an event every year called Summer Slammer (Link to VTUG – The Virtualization Users Group Events page) every year that is a must attend event in the Virtualization world.? The Virtualization Technology? Users Group covers all things virtualization from VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V to Open Stack. Under one roof you get it all. I have been lucky enough to attend this event many times and present at it over the years.

The mission of the Virtualization Technology Users Group (VTUG) is to provide education and information to IT professionals in order to make better decisions in their virtual environments.

Why VTUG Summer Slammer is so Unique

What is quite unique is this event covers all things virtualization.? Imagine going to Oracle Open World and seeing a whole track focused on on a Microsoft SQL Server a competitor of theirs. Well we both know that is never going to happen. At this event, you will get all things virtualization under one roof. I have participated on an expert panel at a past VTUG summer slammer where I represented VMware vSphere, sitting next to on a an expert on Microsoft Hyper-V next to me. This event represents all flavors of Virtualization.

Home Grown Flavor – With Lots of Great Technical Content

The event if offered at no charge. Let me say that again, the event is a day of free technical training at no charge. The Technical content is excellent and it is run in such a way that you feel like you were invited in someones home. People like Chris Harney make sure this event never lost touch with its roots. A lot of the old timers at VMware try to visit the event from time to time. I am always amazed at the people I see at this event. It can be a WHo’s Who of the Virtualization world. At the last VTUG event Michael Webster one my co-authors of the book Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right flew in from New Zealand to attend. You never know who you will meet here.

VTUG Summer Slammer

Event – Knows How to Keep You Coming Back

When you combined Home Town Feel, Who’s WHO of the virtualization world, Free Attendance you would think how could it ever get better. But it does. After a day of working really hard, you get all the Lobsta you can eat and Gritty’s Beer you can drink. Gritty McDuff is a brewing company that makes great beer.

Gritty_McduffAll done in Maine under a tent in the summer. They cook the Lobsta (Around here we say Lobsta, not Lobster) the old fashion way. They dig a big put. Start a hot fire. Get it down to the coals. Throw seaweed on the coals. Then Lobsta and more Seaweed. There is nothing like a Maine lobsta, under a tent with a cold Grittys in your hand. As they say “Life is Good”.




Event: VTUG Summer Slammer

Where: Westbrook Middle School, 471 Stroudwater Street, Westbrook ME

Where: After Party at Gritty’s Freeport, Maine

When: July 16, 2015, 8:00 A.M. — Till it Ends



VTUG Summer Slammer Agenda 2015

Here is a copy of the Agenda from the VTUG Site. To see the original Agenda Click Here.

Summer Slam Agenda- July 16, 2015

8:00 AM -???????????????????????? Registration and Networking

8:00 AM ? 4:00 PM???????Sponsor Expo Open ALL DAY

9:00 AM ? 9:55 AM??????? Keynote #1 – Theatre

Presenter: Peter Busque, Cloud Architect, Cisco

?Openstack 101 with Cisco?

10:00 AM ? 10:55 AM??? Keynote #2 – Theatre

Presenters: Mike Foley, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, VMware and

Brian Tobia, Security & Compliance Solutions Specialist, VMware

?The Security Guy is Here. And he has some questions about ?VMware????????????????????????? ??????????

?11:00 AM ? 11:55 AM??? Keynote #3 – Theatre

Presenter: Brad Maltz, Senior Director, EMC

?Converged Infrastructure: A Vehicle for Technology?

11:00 AM ? 1:00 PM????? Lunch in Cafeteria – Subway

1:00 PM ? 1:50 PM??????? Breakout Session 1 (breakout abstracts)

2:00 PM ? 2:50 PM??????? Breakout Session 2 (breakout abstracts)

3:00 PM ? 3:50 PM??????? Breakout Session 3 (breakout abstracts)

4:00 PM ? 5:00 PM??????? Closing Remarks & Prize Giveaways ? Theatre

5:00 PM -????????????????????????? Gritty?s (now infamous) Lobstah Bake!!



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