What Could the three letters DBA Really Mean

What Could the three letters DBA Really Mean

What could the three letters DBA really mean? Anyone who is a Database Administrator and works with SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and any other number of databases will immediately think Database Administrator. In a fit of rage or a fit of humor, I have heard many other words spoken for the three simple letters. Some years ago, a group of us got together and put our heads together for What could the three letters DBA really mean? Is there a secret meaning out there. The exercise created a fun list of “what could the three letters DBA really mean”.

What Could the three letters DBA Really mean



This list will apply to all the different DBA’s out there! All those hard working men and woman who work seven days a week, 24 hours a day keeping those databases up and running. Those hard-working souls who keep our data safe. Here is the list we came up with for the three letters of DBA. I am sure you can help us identify a few more, If you have a personal favorite meaning for the three letters DBA that is not on the list, please take the time share it with us.

Data Base Administrator

Don’t Be Assertive

Do Bloody Anything

Doing business after-hours

Don’t Bother Asking

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t Beg Anymore

Dumb But Adorable

Driven By Aggression

Deaf But Astute

Drinking Beer Allday

Drugs Beer and Alcohol

Deep Brain Activity

Dubious Business Acronyms

Default Blame Acceptor

Does Bugger All

Do Be Accurate

Determined Best Always

Database Blamed Always

Data Bad Ass

Data Be Awesome

Data Best Architected

DBs Being Automated

Doing Business As

Development BS?Alerter

deep brain activity



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  1. Definite Bad A**, Drunk Boss Approval, Details Baffle Anarchy, Dramatic Byte Assortment, Dorks’ Biggest Advantage, Dream Boat Architect, Don’t Buy Angry, Deficient Budget Accident, Deeters’ Best Apprentices (only understandable for old HHS graduates)

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