What Does DBA Really Mean

What Does DBA Really Mean

A Fun Look at the DBA

A bunch of us got together and put our heads together for what does DBA really Mean. Regardless of if you are taking about, an Oracle DBA, SQL Server DBA, DB2 DBA, MySQL DBA. This list will apply to all the different DBA’s out there. Those had working soles who keep our data safe. Here is the list we came up wth. I am sure we can find a few more, If you have one that is not on the list please share with us.

  • DBA Stands For……
  • Data Base Administrator
  • Don’t be assertive
  • Doing business after-hours
  • Don’t bother asking
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Don’t beg anymore
  • Dumb But Adorable
  • Driven By Aggression
  • Deaf But Astute
  • Drinking Beer Allday
  • Drugs Beer and Alcohol
  • Deep Brain Activity
  • Deaf But Astute
  • Dubious Business Acronyms
  • Default Blame Acceptor
  • Does Bugger All
  • Do Be Accurate
  • Determined Best Always
  • Database Blamed Always

What Does DBA Really Mean

If you have a different meaning of the letters DBA, you would like us to add to the list. Please reach out to me.


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