What Do the 3 Letters “DBA” Really Stand For…..

What do the 3 Letters?DBA Really Stand For…

We have been on a Role. Since I republished this list, a total of 10 have been added…..

In the technical profession we hear the letters ?DBA? spoken a lot and assume they are an acronym for Database Administrator – be it an Oracle DBA, Microsoft SQL Server DBA, DB2 DBA or MySQL DBA. What if DBA really means something else? So, a group of us started to come up with the ?real? meaning of what people mean when we say DBA. This is what they are really thinking in their heads. Here is the list we came up with:

Love my DBA


The Real Meaning for “DBA” is….

Data Base Administrator

Don’t Be Assertive

Doing Business After-hours

Don’t Bother Asking

Don’t Be Afraid, ?Don’t Beg Anymore,?Dumb But Adorable, Driven By Aggression,

Deaf But Astute, Drinking Beer Allday, ?Drugs Beer and Alcohol, ?Deep Brain Activity,

Deaf But Astute, Dubious Business Acronyms, Default Blame Acceptor,

Does Bugger All, ?Do Be Accurate, Determined Best Always, ?Database Blamed Always

Future DBA

The newest one’s for the list……..

Drum Roll Please






DBA = Designated Blame Assignment (Patrik Barel)

DBA = Don’t Break Anything (Darrell Hyde)

DBA = ?Dat Bad Ass (Mike Fal)

DBA = Desk Based Assessment (Craig Mullins)

DBA = Doesn’t Build Accord (Craig Mullins)

DBA = Doing Basically All-of-it (Craig Mullins)

DBA = Does Basically Anything (Ludovico Caldara)

DBA = Doing Always Better (Oracle Man Consulting)

DBA = Done Before Asking (Oracle Man Consulting)

DBA = Don’t Be Ashamed (Kaleem Ahmed)

A lot of people have helped build this list, for that I am thankful . If you have a meaning for DBA that you feel should be added, please let me know. You can post a commit on the blog, email me, or send to my twitter account.

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