Why You Should Attend MSPWorld -MSPWorld or Bust

Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Let?s face it as Owner/Operators we are constantly being asked by vendors to participate in different events.??As much as we would like to get away, we have business to run. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) other businesses rely on us to keep their business going. so each day out of the office is another day when you are not at the helm of the business knowing your customers are counting on you. ?When you are small, it?s really hard to get away. When you are big it?s really hard to get away. Yet here is Why You Should Attend MSPWorld. In the end if you attend MSPWorld your employees will thank you, your family will thank you and more importantly your customers will reap the benefits of all that you learn. So here are some of the many reasons Why Should Attend MSPWorld.

MSPworld or Bust








Reason Number 1 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Be Around Smart People Who Understand the?unique?issues and concerns of MSPs?

As someone who has built very successful business. It?s important that you get away for two reasons. The first reason you will burn out, if you never get away from the office. The second reason you need the infusion of good ideas and the ability to network with other self-minded people who understand the issues/concerns of being a Managed Service Provider. At this event, there are hundreds of Owners/Operators. Some are smaller MSP?s with 5-25 Employees, others are large MSP?s with 25-350 employees or even more. For many years I have attended MSPWorld and one thing that always impresses me is people come back year after year to this event. When I ask them why, the answer is always the same. The people they network in the audience are invaluable to helping them grow the business. The many presentations helped them overcome the hurdles and obstacles they face as business owner/operators.

Reason Number 2 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Getting Smarter About Sales and Marketing

At each MSPWorld there are a number of presentations on sales and marketing. Here?s an example of one at the next MSPWorld.

MSP Marketing 101.

Marketing is more than slapping a logo on something and calling it a brand. It?s about understanding the ever-changing buyer?s journey and realizing a new generation of potential buyers. From initial awareness to the decision-making stage, businesses must utilize targeted marketing strategy in order to effectively nudge prospects throughout the sales funnel. For MSPs and Channel Sales, this means utilizing the right social media channels, vendor partners and creating a memorable brand. Join this session to learn how to take advantage of 3 marketing tactics you can start implementing today.

A presentation specifically around how to market a Managed Service Provider business.

Reason Number 3 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Legal Advice specifically for Managed Service Providers

There are legal issues specific to being a Managed Service Provider. At each MSPWorld conference I have attended, I have walked away with legal strategies and advice that helped me grow my business and avoid the legal pitfalls others fall into. Here are two examples of presentations that at the next MSPWorld.

Practice Safe MSP.

Subpoenas, Congressional hearings, FBI Investigations. What ARE your legal duties as an MSP? What are your rights?! Are you customers opening you up to legal liability?

Seven Secrets to Successful Customer Contracts

MSPs offering cloud computing face a wide variety of opportunities and challenges in 2016. For MSPs thinking about offering or already delivering cloud based solutions, Rob Scott will discuss seven secrets to successful customer contracts. ?In this session he will cover:

  • ????????Key differences between Cloud and Managed Services
  • ????????How to address Privacy and Security Concerns for Regulated Customers
  • ????????Key Legal Issues in Cloud Customer Contracts
  • ????????How to Use Professional Liability Insurance to Mitigate Risk
  • ????????Strategies for Limiting Liability for Claims
  • ????????How to avoid liability for service partner and vendor negligence
  • ? ? ? ? Recent cases that affect cloud and managed services

Reason Number 4 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Learn How to Grow Your Business

There are always presentation on operational techniques, Sales Techniques, Marketing Techniques.

MSP Fundamentals to Double the Size of Your Practice

Growing your MSP business is targeted for owners and senior executives of small to medium IT service providers that are looking for techniques to grow their business to the next level. ?Many MSP?s want to grow, but can?t quite find the right recipe for success. ?In this discussion we will examine what it takes to grow an MSP by taking real world examples from our experience here at Uptime USA where we?ve quadrupled our revenue and increased earnings 5.5 times over the last five years. ?Topics will include:

  • Why you may not be growing
  • Moving from break-fix to recurring revenue
  • Building a foundation for growth ? owners, staff and customers
  • The systems and processes you need to for growth
  • Creating a business plan for execution

As you can see there are always presentations at MSPWorld on how to grow your business. As an owner/operator that goes well beyond sales and marketing.

Reason Number 5 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Trends in the Managed Service Provider Market Place

Over the years I have seen a number of great presentations at MSPWorld talking about Industry trends that has helped me be smarter and better equipped to navigate my business forward. ?Charles Weaver typically will discuss a number of trends specifically of interest to MSP’s ?and back them up with facts and figures that are gotten from the MSPAlliance members. This year at MSPWorld ?am doing a presentation on the Dirty secrets of the Web. When I first presented this in New York city at an event it was written up on the Forbes Website.

Dirty Little Secrets of the Cloud.

After 10 years of existence the cloud industry would have you believe it is a mature stable?industry that is safe and secure to take your business too. Yet the secret of the insiders in the?know is Caveat Emptor, or in English Buyer Beware. We will discuss the state of the cloud today,?Lessons learned from the early adopters and what you should know so you can successfully?deploy into the cloud. We will end with a checklist you can use, to insure you choose the right?cloud provider who can meet your needs.

Reason Number 6 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

Know what your MSP Business is worth before You Sell It

Thinking of selling your business. Well there are always Venture Capitalist in the crowd at MSPWorld looking for business to buy. There is typically at the keynotes a discussion of what your business may be worth. There are people like myself you can network with who have sold multiple business. This is a good place to figure out what your Managed Service business is worth and more importantly if you sell it how to maximize value.

Reason Number 7 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

The State of the Cyber Landscape.

At each conference they have brought in Guest Speakers from the FBI and other agencies who share the state of the cyber landscape as it pertains to managed service providers. The speakers of the past few years at MSPWorld have been great. This year we are getting an FBI Cyber Briefing.

FBI Cyber Briefing.

Special Agent Brent Watkins (retired) is back to deliver an unvarnished and complete new presentation on the cyber security?threats and challenges facing customers and MSPs today.

The session will focus on real world examples, never before discussed at MSPWorld, about how organizations are being targeted and exploited by cyber criminals, individuals, and state actors, from around the world.

Attending this session will equip MSPs with the insights and knowledge to prepare for the challenges and opportunities within cloud computing and managed services in the years to come.

Reason Number 8 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

The Vendor Floor

The MSPWorld vendor floor is always filled with vendors who have tools and offerings designed with MSP in mind. Need a new service to offer your customers. Need some internal tools to be able to scale the business better and provide your customers with a higher quality service offering. MSPWorld is a great place to come.

Reason Number 9 – Why You Should Attend MSPWorld

The Value

The Bottom Line. This conference has it all for the owner/operator’s who are managed service providers. I am not sure how the MSPAlliance can still offer MSPWorld for such low dollars. Hats off to the MSPAlliance for keeping MSPWorld Affordable. ?If you do go to MSPWorld please look me up and say hello.

To Learn more?http://www.mspworldconference.com/


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