World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs (European Style)

I found an interesting article titled ?The World?s 50 Most  Powerful Blogs?. It caught my attention and I thought it worth sharing.  It came out of a website based in the United Kingdom. It has very obvious European slant to it, but I felt it was worth a read. I also enjoy seeing blogging from a European perspective.

 I am always amazed how slanted the news is we receive in the United States. When I talk to my many friends around the globe and hear what they think on issues and facts I always find it very eye opening. What they hear and what we hear in the United States is not always the same. After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center happened on September 11, I was amazed at how differently my friends in Canada view that attack, versus how I as am American viewed that attack.

So I found this article on the ?  The worlds 50 most powerful blogs. As I checked out the many blogs it was not what I expected. The worlds 50 most powerful blogs starts like this?..

?From Prince Harry in Afghanistan to Tom Cruise ranting about Scientology and footage from the Burmese uprising, blogging has never been bigger. It can help elect presidents and take down attorney generals while simultaneously celebrating the minutiae of our everyday obsessions. Here are the 50 best reasons to log on?

To Read The Worlds 50 Most Powerful Blogs

I do agree with the comment. Blogs can help elect presidents and take down attorney generals. Companies like DELL have learned this lesson first hand. How quickly a blog spread word  around the globe on defects with their products or the many problems with there offshore support centers.

My own personnel DELL support story I will never forget. I had a very new  DELL computer, that was attached to a UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply) and the UPS Alarm on it started going off.  I go into the room, to see black smoke pouring out of my new DELL computer. Thank god I got there before it could have set my house on fire. When I called Dell support, thinking this should be easy. Its clear they need to give me a new computer. The offshore support person reading s script I am sure kept telling me to put the Diagnostic Disk in the computer. Suffice to say I have never purchased another Dell computer since. The way I was treated and what I had to go through to get my computer replaced. Left an impression in my head I will never forget.

Had I been a Blogger then, I am sure my blog would have been one to teach a vendor first hand the power of a comment made on a Blog. Enjoy the European slant on The worlds 50 most powerful blogs.

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