Your Right to OutSource Oracle Support Battles On

In 2005, “The Terminator,” also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger and later “The Governator,” uttered the famous catchphrase “I’ll be back.” Twenty years later, reflecting on the slogan “I’ll be back,” it could easily be applied to the current legal battle and decades-long saga between Rimini Street and Oracle. Yet it should not be surprising that this battle continues. More importantly, as this battle rages on, your right to use third-party support alternatives from any vendor is under fire.

The casual observer and the astute student of the daily clashes within the “The Six Cities of Silicon Valley,” a term we coined several years ago, might be stunned by both the longevity and the enmity of this particular drawn-out conflict. All battles between massive monolithic 20th-century tech companies are conceived through the jealously of guarding perceptibly proprietary technical intelligence while wrapped in a thin veneer of self-righteous, pretentious legal nuances and trivialities.

The decade-and-a-half war between Oracle and Rimini Street is a tale that would outlast even a Dick Wolf series in the depiction of contemporary vitriol and exaggerated drama but also the ever-increasing cheap scripting and direction. All that being obvious, there are lessons for the tech industry to learn, especially for the non-billion-dollar companies…. Click Link to read remainder of article

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