AI and Machine Learning Meet the Cloud

The Big Data Sourcebook?2018 is now available for download. The Big Data Sourcebook is always one of the?favorite articles we write each year. Don Sullivan and I are asked by the publisher of?Database Trends and Applications to use our many years of experience to determine where we think technology is headed.? I won’t give it away, you will have to read? A New Age: AI and Machine Learning Meet the Cloud our latest article.

AI and Machine Learning meet the cloud






AI and Machine Learning Meet the Cloud

Here is a portion of our latest article on Page 38 of the Big Data Sourcebook 2018

The author Elbert Hubbard once said, ?One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.? These are words to take to heart as we think about the future of technology. Napoleon Bonaparte took the point a few steps further, expressing the view that 10,000 men are replaceable, but a single man is not. However, his story culminated in both generational disaster and a societal redefinition that lasted for centuries. We are precipitously close to entering an age of total automation which will include robotics in every phase of life, but hopefully, we will avoid a new age of Bonaparte.

As children, our notion of robotics was that of ?Rosie the Robot,? the benign robot maid on the cartoon series The Jetsons. Yet, today many of us use the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner in our homes. The Roomba cannot rearrange living room furniture to our liking, something not recognized by the science fiction writers of previous generations, but Roomba-like machines can perform an amazing array of arithmetically programmed tasks.

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