Expert Database Workshop Oracle Video

Expert Database Workshop Oracle Video

The latest VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Video Montage is now available. This video?features well know Oracle experts sharing their thoughts on virtualizing Oracle Databases on VMware vSphere with Pure Storage based on what they learned and tried at the Expert Database Workshop they attended in April. To read a blog on what day 1 of the VMware Expert Database Workshop – Oracle Edition was like click here.

Vmware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Video

Since 2014 I have worked with VMware behind the scenes to help identify candidates for the Expert Database Workshops. One of the jobs I take on is the Official photographer for the event. Some of my pictures are always featured in the video montage. The first two workshops I helped put on where based on Microsoft SQL Server.

Here are some links to learn more about those Microsoft SQL Server Workshops…

VMware Database Workshop Microsoft SQL Server with Tintri Day 1-3 (April 2015)

Elite SQL Server Database Virtualization Workshop Day 1-3 (September 2014)

At each workshop time was taken to create a video montage based on the reactions the participants had who attended the three day workshop. ?The results are always the same, when VMware takes the time to educate the experts on the technology and let them try it for themselves they become converts very quickly. Don’t take my word watch one of the Video Montages.

The next workshop is planned in November 15-17th in Europe with a Focus on SQL Server. If you know someone that is a recognized expert in Oracle or SQL Server Databases that should be considered for the program, drop me an email.


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