Great Lakes Oracle Conference

Great Lakes Oracle Conference May 15-16th 2019

Great Lakes Oracle Conference
May 15th - 16th, 2019
Cleveland Public Auditorium
Cleveland, Ohio

Join more than 400 Oracle users at the 2019 Great Lakes Oracle Conference, the largest Oracle training event in the Midwest providing expert-led training for functional and technical users. The Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group (NEOOUG) collaborates with the Northern Ohio Oracle Applications User Group (NOOAUG) to host this annual knowledge-packed educational and networking conference.

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LicenseFortress and VLSS will be presenting the following two presentations:

Wed May 15/ 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM  ( 1 Hour )  Database Virtualization with vSphere 6.7: Doing IT Right LL08

VMware vSphere 6.7 has made a lot of changes to enhance the performance of large complex virtual machines (VMs). Databases by their very nature are the classic monster VMs. If these large complex VMs are not virtualized properly, they will never perform well and can negatively impact the performance of other VMs on the hosts. In this presentation, we will teach you how to properly virtualize large complex databases with vSphere 6.7. We will discuss why you should virtualize and take a look at some installation issues as well as how to architect for performance in terms of vSphere 6.7 specifics, including the storage layer, the processor, memory considerations, and the network layer. Topics will also include NUMA, memory reservations, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Thu May 16/ 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM  ( 1 Hour )  Straight Talk on Oracle Licensing & Licensing Trends LL02

As more and more of our organization’s software infrastructure is stretched between On-Premise, public clouds, and hybrid clouds, keeping software in compliance is a more significant challenge than ever before. Some vendors have turned to software license audits as an easy way to generate additional revenues. In this presentation, we will discuss current software license trends in this cloud-fueled world, the difference between Oracle policy and your contractual obligations, licensing Oracle on a virtualized environment, lessons learned, and steps every organization should take to stay in license compliance and not be the victim of their next software license audit. Many of the lesson learned will apply to all your major software vendors.

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