IOUG Collaborate 2017 – My Sessions

IOUG Collaborate 2017 – My Sessions

This year I will be at ?IOUG Collaborate 2017. Here are my IOUG Collaborate 2017 Sessions at the conference…

IOUG Collaborate 2017

IOUG VMware SIG Meeting

11:00 AM?12:00 PM Apr 3, 2017

South Seas E

Secrets of the Cloud

11:00 AM?12:00 PM Apr 4, 2017

Palm B

Session ID: 238


After 10 years of existence the cloud industry would have you believe it is a mature stable industry that is safe and secure to take your business too. Yet the secret of the insiders in the know is Caveat Emptor, or in English Buyer Beware. We will discuss the state of the cloud today, Lessons learned from the early adopters and what you should know so you can successfully deploy into the cloud. We will end with a checklist you can use, to insure you choose arcitect the right cloud solution or choose the right cloud provider who can meet your needs.

Monster VM’s (Database Virtualization)

4:15 PM?5:15 PM Apr 5, 2017

Jasmine A

Session ID: 101


This was a Top 10 Presentation at VMorld 2016.?Databases by their very nature are Monster VM’s. If Monster VM’s are not virtualized properly they will never perform well and can negatively performance of other VM’s on the hosts. In this presentation we will teach you how to properly virtualize Monster VM’s with a focus on the issues of Databases We will discuss why you virtualize, installation issues,? how to Architect for performance, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer.? Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, how to avoid common mistakes. Lesson learned here help you optimize any workload you are virtualizing. With Special emphasis on Monster VM’snformation about the conference.

Information About IOUG Collaborate 2017 conference.

April 2-6, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

We are pleased to IOUG?COLLABORATE 17 #C17LV Forum will take place in Las Vegas from April 2-6, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.?This is a once-a-year opportunity to connect with the members of not one but three Oracle users groups (IOUG, OAUG and Quest) as well as with the top names and faces in the Oracle community.

To Learn More About theIOUG?COLLABORATE 17 #C17LV?Conference.


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