VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017 #VMWORA

VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017 #VMWORA

The VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017 edition is happening the week April 23. For this workshop, VMware selects a small group of Oracle Database Experts and provided them 3 days of deep dive on the product and its capabilities.?At past workshops, we have had executive visits from VMware CEO?Pat Gelsinger to PureStore CEO Scott Dietzen?to Tintri CTO and founder?Kieran Harty.

For a number of years, I have worked closely with VMware business critical applications?team to help put together both the Oracle and the Microsoft?SQL Server VMware Experts Database Workshop. Recently I took a position at Spectrum Enterprise Navisite?as the Director Cloud Computing Evangelist. ?Spectrum Enterprise Navisite has a very strong relationship with

VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017

VMware and Spectrum Enterprise Navisite fully supports my continued participation in the VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017 Edition. In 2015?Navisite Named Global and Americas Service Provider Partner of the Year, we were?Recognized for Delivering Outstanding VMware Virtualization and Cloud Solutions.?

To learn more about the?VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017 edition I suggest you watch a video from the last Oracle edition we held. Next week at my blog?http://michaelcorey.com/?I will be writing about this event. I will also share some of the many pictures that I will be taking. You can also follow my many tweets on this event. My twitter handle is @Michael_Corey?for this event I will be using the hashtag #VMWORA.

One of the benefits of working on the ?VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle 2017 is I get to be in the room with a collection of Oracle Experts taking a deep dive into the many capabilities of VMware vSphere. When I come back, I will be sharing this expertise with the team at Spectrum Enterprise Navisite and eventually, what I learn from these workshops become new content for one of my many presentations I have given at VMworld like Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209


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