VMware Experts Program Big Data Day 2

VMware Experts Program Big Data Day 2






This is Day 2 of the VMware Experts Program Big Data, Scientific & Engineering Workloads held at VMware Corporate Headquarters, Palo Alto, Ca. There is a blog on Day one of this program at:

VMware Experts Program Big Data

NVRAM and Persistent Memory in vSphere

Richard Brunner

Richard Brunner VMware
Richard Brunner CTO, Server & Platform Technologies VMware










The entire presentation was under NDA and I was not able to share the contents of this session in a public forum.

HPC Performance and Customer Examples

Josh Simons

Josh Simons Sr. Director & Chief Technologist, High Performance Computing, VMware
Josh Simons Sr. Director & Chief Technologist, High Performance Computing, VMware










CPU overcommitment can make sense in certain situations. Depending on the job mix.

Hyper-Threading is most useful when an application could stall

In general, we currently recommend to not over commit

The share mechanism only engages when there is contention

The platform has a lot of options, and you have lots of choices on how you implement it

VMware Say leaves cores available for ESXi

Great HPC Links

CTO HPC blog:
Latency whitepaper:
Best Practices for Performance Tuning of Latency-Sensitive Workloads in vSphere VMs
InfiniBand performance
Performance of RDMA and HPC Applications in Virtual Machines using FDR InfiniBand on VMware vSphere
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Virtualizing HPC and Technical Computing with VMware vSphere: A Case Study
An external HPC website which has a lot of additional material, including some videos as well.


Efficient?Big–Data Processing and Virtualization


Motti Beck/Liran Liss

Motti Beck Mellanox
Motti Beck Mellanox
Liran Liss Mellanox
Liran Liss Mellanox










Goodput is the effective bandwidth delivered to the application

In an autonomous car environment, you need to analyze the data in real-time.

Machine learning you are keeping what was done in the past and analyzing it later

Deep learning, you are working like the brain. It’s happening in real time

In the car, it?s all happening in real-time

If you are building systems based on a distributed system the network is important

You need a network that is fast enough to process the data

You need no packet loss

Our Approach don?t send it unless you know the other side can receive it

Our Approach offload the CPU as much as possible

Networks matter in a hyper-converged? environment


Big Data on vSAN

Sumit Lahiri, VMware

Sumit Lahiri VMware
Sumit Lahiri VMware
Chen VMware
Chen VMware









Modernization of the data center being fueled by HCI

8 Nodes vSAN Cluster Size, 1 #Gateway VMs, 1 # of Master VMs, 10 # of Worker VMs

16 Nodes vSAN Cluster Size, 1 #Gateway VMs, 1 # of Master VMs, 26 # of Worker VMs

32 Nodes vSAN Cluster Size, 1 #Gateway VMs, 1 # of Master VMs, 58 # of Worker VMs


Hadoop on VSAN Deployment Guide

  • Disable DRS and HA. When Host goes down, VMs on that host should go down
  • Let Hadoop take care of failures when VM?s go down
  • Leave about 20% memory to ESXi

All flash vSAN with FTT=1 can fully satisfy Hadoop performance requirement

With FTT=1, Hadoop cluster can survive from

  • One Capacity drive failure
  • One Disk Group Failure
  • One Physical Host Failure

Upon host failure, Hadoop cluster can handle the failure of losing two worker VM?s or one master VM

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