VMworld Project Capstone – The Secrets Out

VMworld Project Capstone – The Secrets Out






The Rumor mill has been buzzing that their was a secret joint project at VMware that was going to change the world of business critical applications forever. Well there was a secret project (Secrets in high tech community are like secrets at the White House. If you pay close enough attention someone is always leaking something)? and you can learn about Project Capstone first hand at VMworld next week.

Project Capstone is one of the most significant advancements we have seen in the Business Critical Application space in years. If you are at VMworld it’s a must attend session. Project Capstone is a real game changer for virtualization business critical applications. Project Capstone is based upon Oracle, but make no mistake it will have a huge impact on the virtualization of Microsoft SQL Server database or any business critical application that is virtualized.

VAPP6952-s Project Capstone: VMware, HP & IBM

This session just went live last week. So it’s not well publicized and easy to miss. Leave it to VMware to launch such a huge deal for Business Critical Applications in such a low-key manner.

At this session VMware, HP and IBM will announce a collaborative effort to virtualize the highest demanding applications.? In this joint effort they will utilize an HP Superdome X and an IBM FlashSystem with massive 120 vCPU VMs on vSphere 6 running Oracle 12c. Can you say the sky’s the limit. If you have need for speed, this is it.

Project Capstone VMware HP IBM






This combination is a real game changer. There is not a single application out there that cannot be virtualized.

VAPP6952-s, Monday August 31st at 5PM.

The session takes place Monday, August 31st at 5PM. Join us for this session to learn about this game changing initiative…

VAPP6952-S – VMware Project Capstone, a Collaboration of VMware, HP and IBM, driving Oracle to Soar Beyond the Clouds using vSphere 6, an HP Superdome X and an IBM FlashSystem ?

The Back Story – Payback Time for HP

HP Larry Time to Play







The original Oracle Exadata machine was was initially designed in collaboration between Oracle? Corporation and HP. Oracle designed the database, operating system (based on the oracle Linux distribution), and storage software whereas HP designed the hardware for this version 1 database appliance. After Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010 Oracle announced the Exadata Version 2 with improved performance and Sun storage systems. My understanding Oracle also bought back the Exadata machines from the many customers who had purchased them. Oracle also announced they would no longer port newer versions of the database to HP servers and were De-supporting a number or HP servers. This was a huge blow to a partner that had invested a lot of money in the first high-end Database Appliance. This resulted in a lawsuit from HP that they finally won. Hewlett-Packard Wins Suit Against Oracle Over Contract.

To me, in many ways this is payback to Oracle. HP makes great servers. They now have a game changing combination here. There are still special use cases, where an exadata machine has the edge. But the abilty to take the most demanding business critical application and put them on a combination of HP Superdome X, an IBM FlashSystem with massive 120 vCPU VMs on vSphere 6 running Oracle 12c. Thats a compelling combination and also some well deserved payback from HP.


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