AI A Dangerous Tool or a Fools Errand

The Big Data Quarterly Fall 2019 issue is now out and my newest article is Artificial Intelligence A Dangerous Tool or a Fool’s Errand? Just as the title states it attempts to address the issue is Artificial Intelligence a Dangerous Tool or a Fools Errand. Here is a sample of the article:

The concern has become fear and may soon develop into a panic. The worry that has permeated the annals of science fiction for 100 years and recently become a reality for some is due mostly to the alternative use of, amazingly, video game computer chips.

VMware CEO Patrick Gelsinger has called AI a “30-year overnight success” story. The concerns are wide-ranging as new applications for the technology emerge. What will people do for work? Does this mean that a “universal basic income” will become a necessity? How many occupations will be replaced by a ubiquitous and pervasive world dominated by AI?

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