AWS is it too Big? – Public Cloud Things to Consider

AWS Is it too Big?

For years I have been writing articles for different publications on the State of the Cloud. My most recent article is in the Big Data Source Book 20017. My newest presentation V202. The Cloud Landscape Today will be given at the Big Data Summit this May 15-17 ?in New York City and is a must see if you are thinking of migrating to the cloud. You can also download my Dirty Little Secrets of the Cloud presentation and used the cloud provider checklist in the back to help you make the right decision. The recent outage with AWS brings a whole series of issues and questions to mind. AWS is it too Big?

AWS is it too Big?













I find it interesting that Amazon was not affected by this outage. The most likely reason is because it was architected to leverage the full power of the cloud. Too many companies fork lift their applications onto the cloud and think that is a proper cloud migration. ?Speaking with Chris Adkin (@ChrisAdkin8) who I met at the VMware Expert Database Workshop – Bulgaria?

We both agree. “The cost of using the infrastructure is going down, but the cost of the engineering in order to make things reliable, resilient and scalable is going up, because every CPU cycle ( virtually ) is a monetary cost and we are moving away from the “Just throw tin at it” model”. Chris Adkin

Public Cloud Lesson to Learn From

Look at companies that provide a very fault tolerant service running on a public cloud; they spent a lot of time, money and resource architecting the right solution. In the case of Netflix, they have Chaos Monkey.

Apple iCloud, March 11th, 2015Millions of people around the world couldn’t buy digital music, books, or apps for almost 12 hours. Thankfully, most of them survived. Apple learned a very expensive lesson having all their eggs in one basket. After that happened, they Apple Signed a huge deal with Google so they would have less dependency on AWS.

Here is a quote from Amazon’s AWS S3 outage impacted Apple’s services. “Interestingly enough, rumor has it that Apple inevitably wants to lessen its reliance on third-party providers like Amazon. Indeed, this is simply par for the course for Apple given its insistence on controlling?to the extent possible?all of the technology underlying its products and services.

As an additional aside, it’s worth noting that Apple in late 2015 struck a deal with Google’s cloud platform while lessening its reliance upon AWS in the process”.

The important point here. Even though you save money on the infrastructure, you need to architect for failure. In the cloud, there are lots of different ways to accomplish this.

Public Cloud Questions to Ask

With Microsoft Azure, AWS you have the ability to distribute across regions. Is your application built to take advantage of this?

Should you be on a public cloud?

Should you architect to distribute across different public clouds?

The underlying Database engines provide lots of different ways for redundancy? Are you taking advantage of them?

Have you fire-drilled your Database Failover, Database Backups, Application Failure, Application Backups…..

AWS is it too Big?

AWS is building new Datacenters and adding to capacity at a rate we have never seen before. AWS has the biggest most sophisticated data centers in the world. They are all interconnected. Has the question to be asked AWS is it to Big? The size and scope of the AWS data centers are going to introduce problems never seen before. AWS is it too Big? At what point is AWS so big, then if it were to come down, it could cripple the entire U.S. Economy or even worse the world economy. AWS is it too Big? Will there have to be special oversite of the AWS cloud given the size and impact it could have in world economy’s.


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