Big Data Sourcebook 2017 now Available

Big Data Sourcebook 2017 Available for Download

The Big Data Sourcebook?2017 is now available for download. The Big Data Sourcebook is always one of my favorites. We are asked by the publisher Database Trends and Applications to use our many years of experience to determine where we think technology is headed.? I wont give it away, you will have to read Thanks to the Cloud, the Future Is Now to see where Don Sullivan and I think we are headed in the near future.

Big Data Sourcebook Fourth Edition




The Big Data Sourcebook 2017 is available in hard copy if you subscribe or for immediate download. ?To?Subscribe to Big Data Quarterly click the link.





About Big Data Sourcebook 2017

Database Trends and Applications magazine?s fourth?edition of the Big Data Sourcebook is your guide to the enterprise and technology issues IT professionals will be facing in 2017 as business or organizational leadership increasingly defines strategies that leverage the “big data” phenomenon.

Big Data Articles in the Sourcebook include:

  • The Big Data Era Unfolds by Joyce Wells
  • IoT, Cloud, Analytics, and AI Drive the Expanding Big Data Market by Joe McKendrick
  • The Modern Heterogeneous Enterprise Data Architecture Takes Shape by Guy Harrison
  • The Data Warehousing Sanity Check by Joe Caserta
  • Hadoop Fundamentals and Key Technologies in the Evolving Hadoop Ecosystem by Jim Scott
  • Preserving Privacy in Big Data Analytics by Bart Baesens
  • High-Performance Computing Clusters and Biometrics Help Key Industries Generate Accurate Findings ? by Dr. Flavio Villanustre
  • The Rise of Big Data Means No One Tool Can Rule by Elliott Cordo
  • High-Quality Analytics Requires High-Quality Data by Elliot King
  • Data Governance Is OPEN for Business by Anne Buff
  • Today?s Hackers Are Simply After Your Data by Stephen Gates
  • Thanks to the Cloud, the Future Is Now by Michael Corey and Don Sullivan

Take the time to download your free copy of the Big Data Sourcebook 2017.

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