Buyer Beware?Which Rules Still Apply in the Cloud

Buyer Beware-Which Rules Still Apply in the Cloud

Big Data Quarterly Fall 2015









Our ?newest column for Big Data Quarterly Magazine Fall 2015 written by Don Sullivan and myself ?is out. it is featured in the Cloud Currents section titled “Buyer Beware-Which Rules Still Apply in the Cloud“. In this column we continue to talk about the many trends we see happening in the cloud and some things the buyer needs to be aware of as they move forward with a cloud strategy. Hence the title?”Buyer Beware-Which Rules Still Apply in the Cloud

Here is a summary of?Big Data Quarterly Magazine Fall 2015


editor?s note | Joyce Wells

2 ???????? Hadoop?IT Heavyweight Versus Hype


3 ???????? Big Data Briefing

Key news on big data product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions

11 ?????? Insights | Martin Risau and Dragan Rakovich

Reconsidering Legacy BI Architectures in the Age of Big Data


4 ???????? The Voice of Big Data

Getting Big Return From Big Data:Q&A With Hortonworks? Shaun Connolly

6 ???????? In-Depth Report | John O?Brien

Emerging Technologies in the Big Data Revolution: Grasping Hadoop?s Full Potential


25 ?????? Introduction

26 ?????? Big Data 50: Companies Driving Innovation

34 ?????? Big Data By the Numbers

Data Professionals in a Big Data World


36 ?????? Big Data Basics | Lindy Ryan

Aftershocks of the Big Data Revolution

37 ?????? Cloud Currents | Michael Corey & Don Sullivan

Buyer Beware?Which Rules Still Apply in the Cloud?

39 ?????? Hadoop Playbook | Jim Scott

It?s Always a Good Time for Real Time

40 ?????? The IoT Insider | Stuart Taylor

Picking IoT Winners

41 ?????? Governing Guidelines | Scott Zoldi

Shortening the Path to Innovation With Big Data as a Service

42 ?????? Data Science Deep Dive | Bart Baesens

New Analytics Approaches to Detecting Fraud

There is a lot of great content is this issue. I would encourage you to take the time to obtain a copy.

For your copy of this issue:

Big Data Quarterly Magazine Fall 2015


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