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Funding for MSPs

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This blog article is about Funding for MSPs and other challenges they face. For the past few years I have had the pleasure of attending and also being asked to present at MSPWorld. This is an event that is put on by the MSPAlliance. MSPAllianceAny one doing business in and thinking of becoming an MSP should join the MSPAlliance and take the time to attend one of their MSPWorld events or mini-events around the world.

One of the most popular sessions at MSPworld is the session I give on Business Lessons Learned Managing and Growing an MSP. A section of the session talks about Funding for MSPs.? In the presentation I share my own trials and tribulations on how I funded my own MSP business. searchitchannel

Spencer Smith One of TechTarget Associate Editors for SearchITChannel was attending the event. He has written a number of articles based upon what he saw and heard at MSPworld. Spencer has done a good job of capturing the essence of what I said and many of the other speakers on Funding for MSPs. If you are interested in starting an MSP, or are currently managing an MSP business? I would encourage you to read these articles.

MSPWorld 2015: How to grow your MSP business practice

Funding for MSPs: VC investors, angels and other sources



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