Day 1 VMware Experts Database Workshop with Pure Storage

Day 1 VMware Experts Database Workshop with Pure Storage

Day 1 VMware Experts Database Workshop with Pure Storage was a full day of looking under the covers of VMware vSphere as a platform for virtualizing?your Oracle Databases. The bus came at 6:30 am to pick everyone up and take us all to VMware Headquarters in Pal Alto, Ca.


6:30 in the morning came very early for a lot of us, San Francisco Airport had major delays the night before causing many of us to arrive very late the night before.

One of the first things we did was have everyone in the room introduce themselves.?There were numerous people in the room who first started working with Oracle Version 4.0. The amount of Oracle expertise in the room was amazing.

Thank you to the many companies who let their people take time for their busy days to attend the VMware Expert Database Workshop with Pure Storage.


Here is a list of the different companies represented at the database workshop.?Boeing, VLSS, AWS, House of Brick, IBM Cloud Services, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Spectrum Enterprise Navisite, Extreme Scale Solutions, Veritas, King Training Resources

VMware Experts Database Workshop with Pure Storage Attendees

Marie Deschene

Scott Gossett









John Mitchell
John Mitchell










Bryan Wood
Jeff Hutchins










Michelle Malcher @malcherm, John King @royaltwit,

Mike Stone
Mike Stone










Chris Williams
Chris Williams











Seth Miller
Seth Miller











Kathleen Pucker


Bob Augustine

VMware Experts Database Workshop with Pure Storage?Invited Guests

Michael Corey?@Michael_Corey?, Dean Bolton?@VLSSLLC, Dave Welch?@OraVBCA

Howard Ostrow, Victoria Whitlock

Day 1 Highlights VMware Experts Database?Workshop with Pure Storage

The Basics of vSphere and the SDDC for Oracle

Michael Corey, Spectrum Enterprise Navisite?






VMware Executive Welcome

Shekar Ayyar Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development and, R&D Corporate Development

“Clouds are Bringing together new forms of security”

“A basic premise of the cloud that?an end user can provision services in an automated way”

“Have a database resident on Private cloud and use it to serve workloads in the public clouds”

“The Private cloud is the hub and the spokes are the intersections into the public”

“We are architecting our own cloud architecture to be a cross-cloud architecture”















Don Sullivan Presents?Virtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphere (VMware Press Technology) to?Shekar Ayyar


Pure Storage Executive Welcome

Scott Dietzen Chief Executive Officer, Pure Storage

Mike Adams Senior?Director, Product Marketing, vSphere PM/PMM, VMware Introduces Scott Dietzen at the VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage.?

Each time I see Scott Dietzen present, it’s always one of the highlights of the Database workshop series.

“Most of the tech used today was designed 25 years ago”

“If you bring Pure Storage in we are the best price motivator you have with incumbents “

“? support calls actually comePure Storage to our customers from our technology anticipating a problem”

“I believe the future is shared storage everywhere, It will be faster, cheaper and much easier to refresh and manage”.

“The Data is growing 3 times faster than the bandwidth”























At the VMware Experts Database Workshop Scott talked about Pure Storages commitment to Customer Satisfaction at all levels. He mentions an NPS score of 83. An 83 is an amazing NPS score. It is a reason alone to do business with Pure Storage. If I were Pure Storage I would be screaming this out to everyone I could. This is a tribute to the hard work and?dedication of the many people at Pure Storage who made such a high NPS score possible.?

Here is a portion of a press release from October 5, 2016.

Pure Storage increases NPS, Ranks Among Top One Percent Among All Business-to-Business Brands

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. ? October 5, 2016 ? Pure Storage? (NYSE: PSTG), the market?s leading independent solid-state array vendor, today announced that its?industry-leading, Satmetrix-audited Net Promoter Score (NPS) has increased to 83.5. The improved score is a reflection of the company?s dedicated focus on building a storage business based on customer successs, and ranks among the top one percent of Satmetrix audited scores across consumer and enterprise businesses.

To read the original press release ?Pure Storage Achieves Industry-Best Satmetrix Certified Net Promoter Score of 83.5

VMware vSphere Core & SDDC – vMotion, The Decoupling of the Server and the Host –

Sreekanth Setty, VMware








Oracle on vSphere High Performance

Reza Tehari, VMware Principal Engineer, Performance








Pure Storage Technical Session


Oracle on vSphere on Pure Storage Cloud-based Labs

VMware, Dean Bolton VLSS, Sudhir Balasubramanian VMware

Sudhir Balasubramanian &
Mohan Potheri

































































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