Day 2 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage

Day 2 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage

To read Day 1 VMware Oracle Experts Workshop with Pure Storage click here. ?Day 2 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage we are off to another early start. By 7:30 AM, the first session with Global Services Oracle team had already begin.

VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage

The Best Oracle Support Team on Earth

Global Support Services Oracle Team

One of the first things the Global?Support Oracle team discussed was VMware Total Ownership Policy.?Here are the basic tenets of the VMware Total Ownership Policy

  • Covers Oracle Database in VM and used by VMware products
  • Dedicated team of Oracle DBA resources
  • VMware Takes complete ownership over reported Issues
  • Faster Resolution via
  • Provide performance tuning and best practices

Oracle on vSphere Licensing

Dave Welch, House of Brick




“We have never seen a workload that does not belong on virtualization”

“There is nothing in your contract that says you are obligated due to capability”

“Processor shall be defined as all processors where the Oracle Program are installed and/or Running”

“This whole issue we have to license on a capability?is illogical”?

As always David Welch provided a lot of valuable information. When talking about?Oracle Licensing?policy documents?David discussed which documents are?contractual and which are not. For example, The Oracle Partitioning Guide is not contractual?and also is not accurate. The Software Investment guide is not Contractual?but is accurate.

David stressed the importance of a Proactive?approach when it comes to Oracle Licensing. Make sure you to a baseline compliance check. Don’s sit back and wait for Oracle License Management Services to come knocking at your door to find out you are out of compliance.

vRealizeAutomation and Oracle

Jad El-Zein


VMware vSphere Core & SDDC – Networking – NSX & VCNS

Ray Budavari Sr. Staff Technical Product Manager, SDDCaaS NSX








“We talk about NSX as a Platform, which means we provide all the services”?

“With NSX we provide NSX and security”

With NSX we enable a policy approach to security management”

“Each host is only responsible for the workloads running on it, making it infinitely scalable”?

“NSX is your one-stop shop for ?Network and Security “

“There really is not an easy way to prevent someone from shooting themselves in the foot if they are committed to it”

“We can insure that workloads can be moved to another data center with the same IP addresses and security”


vSphere Core & SDDC – VMware Technologies Security

Mike Foley Senior Technical Marketing Architect, CPBU_PM_PMM

Mike Foley


























Security folks don’t seem to understand the impact of their decisions on the business?

Love the Technology, I am geeking out on it, But its only half the answer

Need to ensure VM is encrypted, Ensure Hypervisor Security…

Every company I talk to is looking for a technical solution to a process problem

vSphere Core & SDDC – Scheduler & Memory allocated to Virtual Machines

Richard Xunjia (Lu) Sr MTS, Host Platform and Mark Achtemichuk








CPU schedule, what to run and at what time

If two VM’s have same fair share, the one with the less consumed CPU will get the cycles

Sys-time?represented the amount of time done on behalf of the VM?

%RDY Ready-time the VM wanted to run but could not.?

Memory Swapping is bad

VMware Storage Fundamentals

John Nicholson

John Nicholson
John Nicholson









Data is Sacred

The ?Performance gains for using RDM have almost all gone away

Storage DRS & VASA 2.0 Better understanding of Arrays

Thin Provision Stun – Reports LUN’s thin provisioning state to ESXi

VAAI now in vSphere Standard Edition

Pure Storage – Technical Storage Presentation

?Somu Rajarathinam, Pure Storage

Somu Rajarathinam















Fastest Code You can Run is the code you don’t execute

4k, 8k, 16k block size, its all the same

From oracle perspective you don’t benefit from de-dup, you benefit from compression


Oracle on vSphere on Pure Storage Cloud based Labs

Mohan Potheri, Dean Bolton, Sudhir Balasubramanian






































































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