Day 3 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage

Day 3 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage

Day 3 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage is off and running. At 7:00 .a.m. ?we heard from Dean Bolton and Jonathan Mitchell on License fortress. Anyone deploying Oracle Software should take a detailed look at License Fortress which is a better way to managed your Oracle environment from a Licensing perspective. It is no secret that Oracle uses very aggressive means when it comes to Licensing. Here is a great article to read on the Mars Candy and Oracle lawsuit that happened.?Oracle & VMware: Part I ? What you can learn from Mars Vs. Oracle. In one of my earlier blogs, I coined the term Oracle Galaxy Licensing ? Oracle Vs Mars. Oracle LMS (License Management Services) is a big revenue producer for Oracle Corporation. Oracle aggressive use of Audits is something all oracle customers should be prepared for. They should have an independent third party do a license compliance audit to make sure you have no ticking time-bombs if Oracle LMS were to come knocking at your door.

Day 3 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage










With License Fortress as part of the Product, there is a guarantee to provide legal services and indemnification against a legal judgment that goes in favor of an Oracle License claim backed by Berkshire Hathaway. License Fortress takes the worry out of Oracle License Management Services audit. When traditional license management services will perform a compliance audit, they have created a comprehensive Audit Solution and service.

Day 3 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage is another jammed packed day of deep dive on VMware vSphere and why it should be the platform of choice for Database Virtualization.

License Fortress from VLSS

Dean Bolton & Jonathan Mitchell VLSS

Dean Bolton









Jonathan Mitchell










It’s not trust but verify, its verify

?Oracle Gets its Customers Years down the road

When your Audited by Oracle LMS and if we were wrong, we will pick up the bill

We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to license Fortress

Give customers a piece of ?mind so they don’t have to bow down to the scare tactics that are used

We have customers?who have ULA’s,?they want to know if they are getting good value


VLSS developed LicenseFortress? to help our customers address these critical needs by reducing the risk, cost and complexity of your IT portfolio. VLSS has become the industry?s leading expert when it comes to licensing Oracle technology, creating the optimal infrastructure (either physical or virtual) on which to run critical application workloads, and defending that environment in audit situations.

Modern Converged Storage, & VSAN & VVols

John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, Storage Product Marketing








vSAN datastore is an object store

An Object Store system scales very well

The SDDC and Brocade

Marcus Thordal, Brocade

Marcus Thordal
Marcus Thordal









Legacy Networks were do designed for the Digital World

The Impact of All-Flash Storage, workloads complete faster?

NVMe Storage Connectivity the next new thing. Pure Storage was the first once to announce they would use this on the back of their controller

50% faster Completions?time on your application just because you are running NVMe

Great Free SAN Health Diagnostics Capture Tool from Brocade

Get an accurate view of your SAN environment with time-saving reports and enhanced change tracking. With the free SAN Health Diagnostics Capture utility?

Executive Presentation VMware

VMware and New Technologies?

Kit Colbert, CTO, Cloud Platform BU, CPBU

Kit Colbert
Kit Colbert









As people embrace new technologies?they still have a tough of stuff in the traditional technologies the key is to bridge the two worlds

The idea of containers is really about isolation of a process

Docker really helped developers move faster

It’s really easy for developers to get started with Docker

We are making vSphere the easiest place to run containers

You have to get to the Developers if they are not playing with your stuff, you will be architected out in a few months

Executive Presentation Pure Storage

Par Botes, VP of Products Pure Storage

Par Botes
Par Botes









We Assume Scale out is going to matter?

Movie making has become a computing problem

Computer are going to get smaller and there will be more of them?

File/Object Storage for this Decade?

If you build a cell phone today power is the enemy?

We measure every component over its lifetime

We treat our storage as a Database?

We use time as a coordinator


High Availability in the SDDC, Fundamentals and how vSphere HA is Complimentary to

Oracle RAC

Sudhir Balasubramanian?&?Mohan Potheri







Any Application that does not have high-availability by itself, you can get easily with vSphere?

A lot of folks who convert to a VMware environment get high availability now by default?

Oracle RAC on vSpher greater uptime that RAC on Physical


Management & Monitoring – Blue Medora vSphere Adaptor for Oracle ?

Josh Williams, Blue Medora Speaker


We see lots of organizations going from having to support an Oracle database to having to support multiple databases?

At Blue Medora, we have monitors for everything

VMware Disaster Recovery, SRM, Replication and Oracle Data Guard and how vSphere HA is Complimentary to Oracle RAC

Sudhir Balasubramanian


End to End Testing of failover is So Important





Day 3 VMware Experts Workshop Oracle with Pure Storage is finally over. As President of the VMware Special Interest Group of the Independent Oracle Users Group, I want to thank VMware and Pure Storage for all their efforts in making Day 3 Expert Database Workshop with Pure Storage Program a reality. The bringing together so many Oracle Experts together, giving them a deep dive on the technology and allowing them to ask any and all questions are a tribute to combined strength of VMware vSphere and Pure Storage as the platform of choice for Database Virtualization. Special thanks to my employer Spectrum Enterprise Navisite for continuing to strengthen the relationship between VMware and Spectrum Enterprise Navisite by letting me take time out my busy schedule to attend this event. We are large VMware customer and early on recognized VMware as the platform of choice for Database Virtualization. This is one of the many reason customers can trust in us they do more and more business in the Cloud.


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