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Last year David Klee of Heraflux Technologies and myself worked closely with VMware & PureStorage to develop the first Elite Database Workshop on SQL Server held at VMware headquarters. This year Tintri will support this year?s event. Like David, I am very proud of the working relationship my company Ntirety and my parent company Hosting has with VMware concerning all aspects of Database Virtualization.

Below some of the Tintri team helping us set up:


The brainchild behind this Elite Database Workshop for SQL Server program at VMware was Don Sullivan who is the Product Line Marketing Manager for Business Critical Applications. Don wanted to bring in recognized experts in SQL Server, bring in the very engineers who wrote the code, answer any and all questions and more importantly let them kick the tires.

The idea is that vSphere?s capabilities would demonstrate first hand why anyone serious about database virtualization would choose vSphere above all other virtualization infrastructures. Don presented this program idea to his boss Mike Adams, the director of product marketing who quickly supported the program and embraced the idea. Below Don Sullivan and Mohan Potheri helping to set-up.


A recent survey of data managers and professionals who are members of the Independent Oracle users group was conducted by Unisphere Research validates this fact. 57% of the organization reported using VMware vSphere. This was followed by Oracle, VM with 9%. Clearly vSphere was the virtulization platform of choice for databases.

The last program was held September 2014 at VMware headquarters was a huge success. Fifteen SQL Server expert where brought in to attend the event and loved it. Don’t take my word for it, check out the many blog items that myself and other SQL Server experts wrote on the workshop. Here is a link to one of my blogs on the first Elite VMware Database Workshop for SQL Server You can also check out the video featuring a few of us located at https://www.vmware.com/business-critical-apps/sql-virtualization/overview.html For anyone serious about SQL Server and virtualization that web page is a good resource to know.

Those SQL Server experts last year all walked away knowing first hand just how powerful and capable vSphere is. This year the Program is being hosted by VMware and supported by Tintri. Here is a list of the SQL Server Experts attending this year:

  • Allan Hirt, @sqlha, Massachusetts
  • Wendy Pastrick, @wendy_dance, Illinois
  • Geoff Hiten, @sqlcraftsman, Georgia
  • Steve Jones, @way0utwest, Colorado
  • Robert Davis, @sqlsoldier, Washington
  • Arnie Rowland, @ArnieRowland, Oregon
  • Brandon Leach, @sqlservernerd, California
  • Melissa Connors, Maine
  • Tim Ford, @sqlagentman, Michigan
  • Randy Knight, @randy_knight,
  • Shawn Meyers, Nebraska
  • Chris Shaw, Colorado
  • Jason Strate, @StrateSQL, Minnesota
  • Eddie Wuerch, @eddiew, Indiana
  • Sean McCown

A Few of us Alumni are coming back:

  • David Klee, @kleegeek, Nebraska
  • Michael Corey, @Michael_corey, Massachusetts
  • Denny Cherry, @mrdenny

World Class Line up of Speakers

Holding this workshop at VMware headquarters enable VMware to bring in such industry luminary?s as Richard McDougal (All things Storage) and Francois Tallet (Network Virtualization/NSX) to site a few. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the list of technical Speakers at this event is simply outstanding. More on that in a future blogs.

The List of Executive speakers from both Tintri and VMware are also outstanding more to come in my next blog.

This event set a very high bar last year both in terms of the technical content, executive participation and the high caliber SQL Experts. I am looking forward to attending and sharing with you more as the week goes on.

Below Don and I sporting some Tintri Jackets.


Below a few of the invited SQL Server Experts, getting ready for dinner



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