VMware Database Workshop Microsoft SQL Server with Tintri Day 1-3

The 2nd Elite VMware Database Microsoft SQL Server workshop is over. It was held at VMware world headquarters in Palo, Alto, California from April 21 to April 23, 2015.


Purpose of the Elite VMware Database Workshop for SQL Server

The goal of the Workshop was to bring in 15 Microsoft SQL Server experts, many of them Microsoft MVP?s to get a deep dive on VMware vSphere technology as it pertains to being able to virtualize Microsoft SQL Server. At the same time take feedback from this group and develop a long-term conduit where this group will be able to communicate and collaborate with VMware on issues, thoughts around database virtualization. Each member of this workshop and the first workshop held would become members of an email distribution list where they can all share thoughts and ideas they have about vSphere. Everything during the workshop and on this email distribution list is covered under NDA, so that everyone could speak freely allowing for an honest dialogue about capabilities and product future directions with nothing being held back.

By holding this event at VMware corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California enabled VMware to bring many of experts who work behinds the scenes to brief this group in person.

How Can You Become part of any Future Workshops

There is talk of holding this program again for SQL Server, Oracle and even in other areas like SAP HANA. Putting this program on takes a lot of resources and coordination, so no promises there. There is even talk of holding a program in Europe. The direct feedback between the experts and VMware has really been a wonderful byproduct of the program that both the attendees and VMware value. Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes as we were setting up:



Each of the Workshop?s will have slightly different criteria for the attendees who are chosen. Overall the program is looking for experts in a particular subject matter area. In this last workshop many of the attendees were Microsoft SQL Server MVP?s but not all. It helps if you are active in your user community (for example, SQL PASS, Locals User Groups, SQL Saturdays, VMUGS?), that you are an active blogger and are very open-minded. If you feel you are a qualified candidate for a future program here are a number of ways you can get on the list for consideration:

  • Reach out to a past attendee of the Workshop and ask that they nominate you for the program
  • Reach out to Don Sullivan at VMware.
  • My Company Ntirety, has been a big supporter of the program. You are welcome to reach out to me. Email: Michael.corey@ntirety.com or Twitter: @michael_corey
  • Heraflux has also been a supporter of the program. You can reach David Klee @kleegeek

We will make sure the information gets to the right people for consideration.

Tintri ? Storage Vendor that Rocked

At each event, a storage vendor is selected to provide the backend infrastructure. At this VMware Database Workshop for SQL Server it was Tintri. Every attendee was able to use vSphere with Tintri.


The Gauntlet Was Drawn

During the workshop, The Tintri team Made the Statement ?Lets see if you can make the storage array break into a sweat?. Well during the 3 days, “the storage array never broke a sweat”. What is even more amazing, it never needed any adjusting, it took care of itself. I also got a chance first hand to see the breadth of information that is provided my Tintri to help you better manage and understand your virtualize infrastructure. Based upon my first hand experience, I suggest anyone serious about database virtualization take a look at making Tintri a core part of the infrastructure.

Tintri Trivia

What does Tintri mean ? Lighting in Gaelic.

SQL Server Experts Who Attended

Here is a list of the SQL Server Experts attending this year:

  • Allan Hirt, @sqlha, Massachusetts
  • Wendy Pastrick, @wendy_dance, Illinois
  • Geoff Hiten, @sqlcraftsman, Georgia
  • Steve Jones, @way0utwest, Colorado
  • Robert Davis, @sqlsoldier, Washington
  • Arnie Rowland, @ArnieRowland, Oregon
  • Brandon Leach, @sqlservernerd, California
  • Melissa Connors, Maine@MelikaNoKaOi
  • Tim Ford, @sqlagentman, Michigan
  • Randy Knight, @randy_knight,
  • Shawn Meyers, Nebraska@1dizzygoose
  • Chris Shaw, Colorado@SQLShaw
  • Jason Strate, @StrateSQL, Minnesota
  • Eddie Wuerch, @eddiew, Indiana
  • Sean McCown@KenpoDBA
  • David Klee, @kleegeek
  • Denny Cherry, @mrdenny
  • Michael Corey, @michael_corey

SQL Experts who Attended first VWware Database Workshop on SQL Server

SQL Experts who attended first VWware Database Workshop on SQL Server

  • Michael Corey ? President Ntirety ? co-author of 18 Books (@Michael_corey)
  • David Klee ? Founder of Heraflux, frequent blogger, Presenter numerous SQLSaturdays (@kleegeek)
  • Kevin Kline – Director of Engineering Services SQL Sentry Corp (@kekline)
  • Grant Fritchey? Red Gate Software ? Author of three SQL Server books (@gfritchey)
  • Argenis Fernandez ? Blogger at? ?sqlblog.com? (@dbargenis)
  • Thomas LaRock ? President Professional Association of SQL Server (@sqlrockstar)
  • Christopher Bell – DC chapter of PASS founder – CEO WaterOX Consulting (@Cbelldba)
  • Rodney Landrum ? SQL Saturdays regular and many well-known blogs (@SQLBeat)
  • Kendal Van Dyke ? Upsearch Principle Consultant (@SQLDBA)
  • Keith Allen Kinsel ? SQL Saturday Advisory Council (@allenkinsel)
  • Joseph D’Antoni ? Denny Cherry associates (@jdanton)
  • Denny Cherry ? Denny Cherry associates and Consulting founder (@mrdenny)
  • Andrew J. Kelly ? SoildQ ?? Weekly speaker at events worldwide (GunneyK)
  • Allen White ? Upsearch – Ohio SQL User group president writes for SQL Pass Magazine (@upsearch)
  • Andy Galbraith ? Ntirety, Blogger, Presenter at SQLSaturdays (@DBA_Andy)

Here are a few photo of the attendees of this years workshop:







Speakers at VMware Database Workshop SQL Server

I know this list is not complete There was just too much to take in over the few days Here is the list of speakers as best I could compile it.


  • Carl Eschenbach VMware President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Shashank Rajvanshi
  • Arun Lakshmipathy
  • Gautham Swamy
  • Keiran Hardy Tintri CTO & Co-Founder
  • Rex Walter Tintri VP of Technology
  • Richard McDougal
  • Francois Tallet
  • Ganesan Chandrashekhar
  • GS Khalsa
  • Scott Sherman
  • Daniel Miller Talking VDP and vSPhere
  • Shobhan Lakkapragada
  • Mark Lohmeyer VMware VP Cloud Platform BU
  • Brandon Salmon
  • Jeff Godfrey
  • Rawlinson Rivera

Here are a few pictures of the different speakers in Action:











How Can You The Reader Get Value From This SQL Server Workshop

The many attendees of this event and the first VMware Database workshop for SQL Server have a direct conduit to VMware and Tintri. I included a list of both the first and second workshop attendees in this blog.

These SQL Server experts are very accessible at numerous SQL Saturdays, SQL PASS and other events that happen throughout the year. You can share with them any thoughts you feel should be shared. They can use that conduit to TIntri and VMware on your behalf.

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