Oracle DBAs versus SQL Server DBAs

The article Oracle DBAs versus SQL Server DBAs was published in the Big Data Quarterly on September 25th, 2018. Just realized I forgot to share it. Having been a member of both communities for many years, it was a lot of fun to write. It was also interesting to see how they are the same and in many other ways very different.

Oracle DBAs Versus SQL Server DBAs

Here is a sample from the article Oracle DBAs versus SQL Server DBAs..

Recently, VMware delivered a unique technology event as a component of an even more unique program. What made this event so unusual was the particular group of technologists attending and the approach VMware has taken to win them over. Since 2013, VMware has offered the VMware Experts Program, to which it invites recognized technology experts in the specific disciplines of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and big data and high-performance computing. The experts become part of this special program to learn and collaborate with other VMware and external experts. The program initiation occurs when the selected experts travel to a location around the world for 3 days of executive briefings, architectural and engineering discussions, customized labs, and social activities all centered on the particular application or database of focus running on VMware technology. The program enables these industry experts to ask the tough questions, and, since they have all agreed to non-disclosure, they are given straight answers and are provided direct access to the technology to try to push it past its limits. This esteemed program has been held in Palo Alto, Calif.; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Cork, Ireland; the latest event was held in Sydney, Australia.

The amazingly unique aspect of the recent event held in Sydney was that both Oracle experts and Microsoft SQL Server experts were in the same room for the majority of the event. In this article, we explore what makes these two groups different and what makes them similar.

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