Oracle E-Business Failover on AWS Using VMware Cloud on AWS

Oracle E-Business is a critical part of every organizations environment that deploys it. Even a small failure or outage could be catastrophic to the business. Given Oracle E-Business criticality to the business, it important you have a disaster recovery solution in place from any number of potential pending issues.

Today Disasters come in many forms, from ransomware to hardware and software failures. Just s the different types of potential disasters continues to evolve so have the Data protection strategies evolved.

The recently released VMware White Paper Oracle E-Business Failover Using VMware Cloud on AWS and Protected by LicenseFortress walks you through how easy it is to Manage a failover from an on-premise Oracle E-Business Suite to E-Business Suite on VMWare Cloud on AWS.

This same approach could be used for SAP, Peoplesoft, in-house applications of another number of ERP solutions. In this data protection solution LicenseFortress is utilized to make sure you stay 100% in Oracle License Compliance the entire time.

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