SQL Server on LINUX Perfect Storm Oracle

SQL Server on LINUX Perfect Storm Oracle

For over 30 years? Oracle Corp has produced the most prominent and effective Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) on the market. Yet as the title of this article “SQL Server on Linux Perfect Storm Oracle” implies SQL Server on Linux could be the Perfect Storm of Troubles for Oracle. ?This fact remains unquestioned as the capabilities of the Oracle RDBMS in terms of advanced features and high-end scalability remain unchallenged. Oracle has been so dominant that the simple fact of its prominence and the respective implied prestige attracts customers to use Oracle when a far less expensive and possibly equally effective alternative may be readily available. A truly independent consultant will often ask a star-struck customer ?Do you really need Oracle to satisfy you system requirements??

Perfect Storm Oracle

For the DB2 fans, I acknowledge it a great database engine. But the lack of portability limited DB2 to a few specialized stacks. Oracle has always been consistent across platforms and Operating Systems Unfortunately I cannot say the same for DB2.

Oracle 6.2

When oracle 6.2 was released the Oracles RDMS took a quantum leap beyond the competition with the introduction of Oracle Parallel Server which we now know as Oracle Real Application Clusters. Oracle had created to the amazing capability of allowing an RDBMS to run in an active-active configuration. This game-changer capability allowed for innate RDBMS high availability as well as embedded RDBMS scalability and the database industry was forever changed. Also when considering the highest end of database performance, only DB2 with its limited platform choices could compete with Oracle. For decades, this was enough. Oracle dominated the completion.

SQL Server 2005

In 2005 Microsoft released a version of SQL Server that would perform sufficiently to meet the performance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for many organizations. That was the first crack in the amour for the venerable Oracle RDBMS.

Oracle on VMware vSphere

The next crack happened when customers discovered that running ?Oracle databases on VMware vSphere hypervisor. VMware vSphere is a platform of virtualized hardware which uses a non-paravirtualized, type-1 hypervisor. This means that the Oracle software is both unaware and unaffected when running on vSphere.? Customers now had a highly redundant virtualized infrastructure with a plethora ?features that enhanced ?database availability as a component of the platform. As time has progressed customers needed more and more advanced capabilities to keep their business competitive.

All RDBMS vendors including Oracle continued to build products to enhance the capabilities of their products. An example is the inclusion of ?Business Intelligence? features included with the basic RDBMS.. Microsoft continued to improve the database capabilities in key areas such as clustering, performance, Business Intelligence, in-memory capabilities.

SQL Server Jumps Ahead of Oracle

Earlier in 2016 Microsoft jumped ahead of Oracle for the first time in the coveted Gartner magic quadrant on databases. Today one could argue that Microsoft is the RDBMS technology leader. ?This onslaught is continuing ?put pressure on Oracle?s ?position in the RDBMS market.

SQL Server on LINUX Perfect Storm Oracle

The other day Microsoft Announced that SQL Server will be available on the LINUX operating system. This now constitutes a ?Perfect Storm Oracle? of events for the Oracle RDBMS position. The great leader in databases is greatly exposed and its historic position is at risk. We could rapidly see a change over the next few years in Oracle market position if Oracle is fails to respond to this variety of industry weather changes. Anyone who has ever undergone an Oracle audit knows first hand just how aggressive Oracle can me and it is often the case that Oracle customers will have no sympathy for Oracle Corps present predicament. See Oracle Galaxy Licensing – Oracle Vs Mars for more background.

Oracle Galaxy Licensing - Oracle Vs Mars

Oracle’s Last Advantage

To me Oracle has one thing in their favor right now. They recognized many years ago that customers are more focused on their Application Software than the RDBMS Software. ?Customers primarily purchase the Application first and subsequently fit the RDBMS into that plan. Oracle?s integrated Product Suite is the final firewall preventing this ?Perfect Storm? from totally swamping the intellectually property of Redwood Shores. Forgive the metaphor but it makes the point.? If Microsoft ever gets as serious as Oracle in regards to offering an application suite, Oracle could see it market position eroded with the tide.

In tech we have learned never to take anything for granted. What?s clear today is that there are excellent alternatives the Oracle RDBMS. And that the great majority of database implementation are not technically dependent on the advanced capabilities of the Oracle RDBMS. Microsoft porting SQL Server to the LINUX has just opened up a huge option for organizations looking to switch from Oracle. Perfect Storm Oracle

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