Day 2 VMware Expert Database Workshop #VMWSQL

Day 2 VMware Expert Database Workshop #VMWSQL

Day 2 VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition (#VMWSQL) happened today. Once Again we all started to gather in the hotel lobby starting around 6:30 a.m. The first bus left for the VMWare Sofia Bulgaria office at 7:00 a.m. The VMWare Bulgaria Office in Sofia has been an amazing HOST. The level of care they have given us has been amazing.

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Windows Clustering on VMware vSphere

Shashank Rajvanshi (Product Line Manager, Storage, Storage Product Marketing)

Arun Lakshmipathy and ?Gautham Swamy (Core Storage Dev/QE team)

?It was another very full day at Day 2 VMware Expert Database Workshop. The first presentation of the day was on Windows Clustering. This was done by the team in India and also from Palo Alto California.

Executive Welcome from Tintri

Mark Young Sr. Director, Systems Engineering, EMEA, Tintri

The next presentation was from Mark Young from one of our sponsors Tintri.??They provided us resources and access to one of their storage array. They also challenge this team of SQL Experts to push the array as hard as they could.

Mark Young Tintri
Mark Young Tintri







VRealize Automation for SQL Server

Tony Gerdjikov, Sr. MTS, PS CoE, PSO COE

tony gerdjikov vmware
Tony Gerdjikov








Performance Tuning and Monitoring of SQL Server in the SDDC

David Klee, Heraflux and Deji Akomolafe VMware

David Klee Heraflux
David Klee Heraflux








Deji Akomolafe VMware
Deji Akomolafe VMware

Architecting and utilizing NSX for SQL Server in the SDDC

Niran Even Chen VMware

Niran Even Chen VMware
Niran Even Chen VMware








VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance

Valentin Bondzio and Niran Even Chen

Valentin Bondzio VMware
Valentin Bondzio VMware








Executive Welcome VMware

Borislav Borisov, VMware Sr. Director, R&D, vCenter Bulgaria

Borislav Borisov VMware
Borislav Borisov VMware








VMware vRealizeOperations (vRops) w/Blue Medora

Zack Kendra Principal Engineer on MS SQL and Josh Williams Product Manager.

This was a remote presentation.?

Blue Medora




High Availability and Data Protection

Allan Hirt, SQLHA

Allan Hirt SQLHA
Allan Hirt SQLHA








Favorite Quotes of the Day

We were built from the ground up to understand virtual work loads

The Log file, the index, ?. Create different luns for each of those. Basically with Tintri you drop it in, we will configure it

Once upon a time you would have different tiers in the array, Tinti does not work like that. Constant Profiling

We deliver flash like performance with a hybrid

We can take a snap shot of individual VM?s.

It?s incredibly fast and incredibly space efficient.

The way we built our systems so stable we don?t often get calls from the customer

DB as a Service ? T-Shirt Sizing.

Self-service has to be easy otherwise people won?t use it

The default scheme in windows is balanced. Not a good idea if performance is your goal

VMXNET3 is the greatest and fastest controller we have, you should use it

SDDC means I am bring all the intelligence from hardware to software

SDDC We abstract out the network and the security

Continuous availability for all FT-protected workloads

Micro-Segmentation Every critical app has its own security requirements.

FT Best Practices ? Intel Haswell EP and newer

FT Best Practices Use dedicated 10GigE or faster connection

Customer are facing more and more applications that require flexible and efficient management

vMotion can now be encrypted

When Clustering under vSphere it?s a stack?

Generally recommend having one physical AD server? is a small price to pay for a crucial piece of your infrastructure

All networking underneath the VM should be fully redundant.

Add Paravirtual SCSI device ?first then add RDM?s disks and attach

A Few More Pictures from the Day














































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