VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL

VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL

Sofia Bulgaria

Today I am sitting in Sofia Bulgaria where we are getting ready to run the next VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition. For a number of years I have worked behind the scenes with the people at VMware to put on a series of VMware expert database Workshops on both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. In this program VMware invites recognized experts to come to a VMware facility for 3 days where they have 3 days of hands on labs and numerous presentations on all aspects of database virtualization. ?Anyone who has ever participated in the program all agree, they work hard and more importantly see just how easy it is to take the most demanding databases and successfully virtualize them.

The picture below is at the VMware Sofia Bulgaria office where the VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition will be held.

VMware Sofia Bulgaria
VMware Sofia Bulgaria

Up till now, this program has only been run at VMware headquarters Pal Alto California.

Its really exciting to be taking this program out of the USA and starting to share it with the rest of the world. Lets talk about where the next batch of experts is coming from in no particular order….

Netherlands, ?Slovenia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Kosovo, Norway, South Africa, United States

As I think about this we have people attending from 3 different continents. An amazing Group to be sure. Our Hosts at the VMware Office in Sofia Bulgaria have been amazing. Here is the view I wake up to each morning from my hotel room..

Sofia Bulgaria














A lot of work happens behind the scenes to pull this off. This weekend as we were spending time in the office here are some pictures from behind the scenes..

Pictured below from the U.S. left to right (Don Sullivan, Deji Akomolafe, Mohan Potheri)









Here is a picture of Don Sullivan talking with Harry Grigorov from the VMware Sofia Bulgaria office. Harry is one of our hosts who has worked long and hard helping to pull this off. They have been an awesome Host for this event.









Tintri is one of the sponsors of VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition event. Tintri is joining us this year and providing the storage array we are using for the hands on lab. Tinti makes awesome storage arrays. Just ask anyone of the SQL Experts who attended the ?event after this is over. You will be learning more about them as the week goes on.

VMWare Expert Database Workshop SQL ?Edition – Alumni

Here is a list of the Alumni joining us at the Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition being held in Sofia Bulgaria.

Michael Corey Business and Technology Advisor?Milton, Massachusetts, USA

David Klee Heraflux Portland, Maine, USA

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting Los Angeles California, USA

Allan Hirt SQLHA Waltham, Massachusetts, USA


Special Thanks to the Following people at Tinti and VMware who help make this possible…

Mike Adams – Director, Product Marketing, vSphere PM/PMM, Cloud Platform Business Unit VMware

Don Sullivan – Product Line Marketing Manager, Business Critical Applications & Databases, vSphere Cloud Platform Business Unit PM/PMM, VMware

Mohan Potheri – Sr. Solutions Architect – Cloud Platform Business Unit VMware

Deji Akomolafe, GFPR PSO Enablement COE, Staff Solutions Architect, GTS Marketing VMware

Niran Even Chen, GFPR PSO Enablement COE, Staff Solutions Architect, GTS Marketing VMware

Joseph Dieckhans Manager, Suite PM/PMM ? Manager Hands on Labs

Rob Girard -Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer Tintri

Harry Girgorov – Events and Program Manager VMware Sofia Bulgaria

Ralitsa Drumeva ? Management Assistant VMware Sofia Bulgaria

If you are interested in learning more about this event. Here is a video from a past event…


VMware Workshop Microsoft SQL Server Video

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In you are interested in following this event. I will use hashtag #VMVSQL on twitter. ?Also check out my blog. I have written numerous posts on past Expert Database Workshops .


Sofia Bulgaria is an amazing city to hold the VMware expert Database Workshop SQL edition in. There is just so much history in this city. Picture Below is another picture I took of some Roman Ruins as I explored the city…
















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